Illiterate magus/maga

Hi, reading the "Untructured Caster" topic i think that one should be very interesting.
Houses Options: Flambeau, Merinita, Bjornaer, Criamon, Tytallus and Ex Miscellanea (Jerbiton only if she or he is Gentle Gifted and has any other Presence or artistic or nobly background).
Virtues and Flaws: Magic Memory (to evade the problem of not touch), Ability Block (Academic or Logic abilities), Weak parens (To refer about the difficult apprentice time and process), Bad student (including about uncommon lab texts), Incomprenshible, Rigid Magic (since he is bad related to Platonic and Aristotle's principes) - but this lsat should be very possible other if for example combine his hermetic magic with faeric method and powers.
How do you see it?