I'm OLD.

Today's my birthday, and I've just turned 35. According to Ars Magica, I can now suffer penalties from old age and begin the long trek into Decrepitude and afflictions as my Characteristics deteriorate. I can't wait to make my Aging roll this Winter. Ha! :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday! You think that 35 is just some arbitrary number that they plucked out of the air, but watch and see! It hits you in subtle ways. Me, I look 10 years younger than I really am. Natural Longevity. Like Lazarus Long :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy birthday! Good luck on the Crisis rolls!

Congrats. If you're in the City or East Bay, I'll buy you a glass of your favorite adult beverage.

Happy Bday Erik!

I am now 8 years into my aging rolls and would trade a mountain of vis for a decent longevity potion! :wink:

Using my Mystagogue powers, and in light of the copious amounts of excellent effort you have done in researching the various mysteries of the supernatural world, I hereby bless you with the Immortality of Home State and Unaging Virtues, so that you can keep being the good Hermetic scholar for many, many happy years to come. Congrats and fare well, my friend. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Happy birthday! Make sure to contact the local Corpus specialist. Or take care of yourself with good environmental factors to get a bonus on the aging roll! :smiley:

May you disappear in glorious Twilight in a LOT of decades to come


Happy birthday, and good luck with your research into an immortality transformation which will let you keep your creativity!


I would take John up on his offer. I hear that Toronado on Haight St has great "longevity potions." (Or is that too 4e). And I thought 40 was the "new 35." Good luck.

Such lies!

Judging from your wisdom, I know you have strong faerie blood, so no sympathy for you for the next 15 years : )

Hee hee, you're all making me giggle so much today. Thanks for the well wishes!

:stuck_out_tongue: Happy Birthday, Young Man! :stuck_out_tongue:

:smiling_imp: You've seen what 15 Aging Rolls can do to a fellow... now you too can follow suit and enjoy the fun! :smiling_imp:

Believe me, it hurts!

Happy Birthday!

Have a good living condition modifier!

Happy Birthday or Grattis på födelsedagen!

It is good to know that some people makes the rest of us feel young. :laughing: Im only 28.


Tell that to my girlfriend. it is a sure thing that you will feel along the lines of a dinousaur by the time she is finished with you :unamused: :laughing:


Happy birthday Erik.

It's not the Decrepitude that gets you, it's the Warping . . .
I've survived plenty of Aging rolls, but still can't seem to shake those Temporary Twilights of the 80's.


From this magus almost celebrating his golden anniversary...

Happy Birthday, Erik! :slight_smile:

And now, the Barbarian Birthday Song!

(sung to the tune of the Song of the Volga Boatmen)

Happy Birthday (ugh!)
Happy Birthday (ugh!)
May the candles on your cake
Burn like cities in your wake
Happy Birthday (ugh!)
Happy Birthday (ugh!)

(you can add many other verses, as desired... My niece and nephew enjoy making them up...) :wink:

Very late, but, well, happy birthday too!
May I suggest fresh air and good living conditions?

Happy Belated Birthday......

I actually look older then my years.... always have done...

Isn't aging quickly an infernal flaw?