I'm published!

My first article in physics is officially published in a journal.


Maybe not much to do with Ars Magica, but I felt like sharing. :slight_smile:

Well done. :slight_smile:

Now, with all that higher learning, can you answer one question???

(Read the todays headlines)

Why are people so dumb?


He gratz :wink:

I am also published in some books about the life of peasants during WW2 in germany... but i diddnt get any money :frowning:

Sterling work sir!

I got about halfway through the second sentence of the abstract before my brain told me to go back to staring out the window :smiley:

Congradulations and remain safe.

I passed your link on to a friend who would appreciate it.
He did find it interesting. :slight_smile:

Congrats. 8)

[size=75]Yet another researcher[/size]

Thanks everyone!