There seem to be several sources of Impairment that happen outside of combat, or at least, getting wounds, but there are few guidelines on how long this 'extra' Impairment lasts for and when it goes away. Are there any guidelines for this?

Sorry for lack of specific examples, but I'm at work and haven't got books with me...

Cheers in advance


Honestly, just "whenever". In movies, heroes are rarely impaired by anything for the entire show, unless it's dramatically appropriate. My general guideline is, if there's no really good reason for a PC to still be Impaired, remove the penalties for the next scene.

It's really left up to the GM, so there are no hard and fast rules as to how long you want someone to be impaired by the small things. If it's Impairment from a schtick or arcanotech, the duration is usually spelled out in the rule book. If not, just wing it. Works for me.

Fair enough, thought I was missing something.

It's one of my big bugbears that heroes seem to shake off wounds in a couple of minutes in a movie. I reckon in my 'movies' they're going to be suffering a while longer... :wink: