Improved Comprehension

One of my favorite results from successfully comprehending twilight in previous editions was increased understanding of an art for the purposes of writing. So instead of having the level of your summa being maxed out at (score in art) x .5 you’d be able to do (score in art) x .66 or .75.

Was it taken out because it was unbalancing or for some other reason. Would it be a bad idea to throw it back in as a virtue that you might gain through successful twilight comprehension.

Dont know why its gone, but we´ve used it for Virtues without any problems.

I did not participate in the ArM5 playtest, but I think it was thrown out because it messed with the over arching rules for book writing. In my games, I've added it back in but in a different manner. Instead of raising the limit on the book a magus can write, I give the character the Good Teacher Virtue, except limited to the specific Art. It's less of a munchkiny game breaker this way.

I too miss Increased Understanding. In my first real saga (4th ed even though I've known the game since 2nd) I played a Criamon Mentem maga, and she ancheived 1-2 times Increased Understanding from Twillight.

By not having this as a positive result from Twillight, you effectively lower the maximum level of the highest summa. Not necessarily a bad thing.

By awarding certain good effects with with a limited Good Teacher to one Form only, you only ensure that better books come into circulation (higher quality) not more comprehensive (higher level). I'm still not saying it is a bad thing, because if you go beyond Summa, you suddenly produce very good Tractati - and these are the driving force (along with vis study) of improvement for expert magi. It is just sad if you've aldready written your maximum number of Tractati before you gto that increased understanding.

I think adding it will wreak the book-availability of the setting, as now higher-level summa should plausibly be available. That said, you can cheerfully ignore that - it's not like the game rules make for a reasonable simulation of the setting anyway...

I like the idea of allowing Good Teacher instead. Since the rules and availability-guidelines already assume the availability of good teachers, this is not unbalancing.


If you want to do it, Research it. That way you don't have to rewrite your setting to "add" the higher level books that would otherwise exist. I'm thinking you would need Enigmatic Wisdom to start, and then need to successfully comprehend Twilight, perhaps with your total Warping points gained giving you your breakthrough points. A nice project for young mages.......