Improving recovery rolls in childbirth.

I made a spell Ease the Babe's passage which assumed that you could use the Creo Corpus guidelines for bonuses to recovery rolls to aid childbirth. Since the mechanic is the same and making a mother give birth with less risk to her and the child(ren) is making her a better example of what she is, it should work. The effect is analogous to the effect of improving recovery rolls (and we know it's analogous because of the game mechanic uses it). Of course you need a new spell to affect childbirth, even if the numbers are the same.

Ease the Babe's passage (CrCo 3, +1 touch, +2 sun) +6 to childbirth.

The base level for a +6 to for childbirth rolls is normally level 5. See A&A or go to the Atlas ArM5 page.