Increasing size, a minor or major heartbeast power?

By default, assuming no house rules for Parma/Magic Resistance stuff, would a refinement power that allows you to change your size be a Minor Power because the spell only affects the Magus and requires no Penetration Total to have an effect or would it be a Major Power because when you are of a magically increased size you are blocked by Parma/MR and thus require a Penetration Total to punch someone through their resistance?

I'm pretty sure it's the latter, but I was wondering if maybe this was One Weird Trick that Bjornaer magi could do to get around how you normally pink-dot yourself by increasing your size.

If it is a Major Power, what are some other cool minor powers? I've got enough points from the major ordeal to get two minor powers on my next two initiations (and then a nice size increase on the third with the final +3)

Endurance of the Berserker as a continuous effect seems like an excellent minor power for fatigued casting and I am 99% certain that it doesn't pink dot you.

Pretty sure this would qualify as a Minor Power as it would have a Personal Range, thus overcoming your own Magic Resistance (hence the "no need for penetration" clause). But since you'd be changing your size you may want to include penetration into that power since I assume this is being made with combat in mind.

As you said, Endurance of the Berserker is another go-to spell to turn into a power, with plenty of penetration to boot.

Thanks for answering the question!

Unfortunately I can only hit 12 penetration on Endurance of the Berserker for this thing so it's not a great pick for right now unless I plan on initiating in a weird MuVi thing like on pg51 of Magi of Hermes that lets you up the penetration of an effect later and that's a tough sell considering the process.

I could get cheeky with a size increasing spell and make it target Part and say claws and teeth are excluded, though that's a very silly looking creature with little tiny talons sized for a creature 5x smaller.

I could manage a PeIm Veil of Invisibility, but that doesn't feel like it fits the dragonesque chimera creature.

Time to think of some "sometimes" powers, like Rego to teleport places to be the sneaky stalking beast of the forest or something.

Yes, it's definitely Minor. But, yes, you'll likely want penetration built into it.