"Indirect" Destruction and Shape/Material Bonuses?

Several items have a shape/material bonus to destroying things at a distance. Does this only apply to Perdo effects whose very spell effect is causing destruction? Or would something whose effect isn't technically destruction but can only result in destruction also count? Say, Pilum of Fire? It shoots powerful fire that doesn't do anything but destroy what it comes in contact with, but the effect isn't simply "destroy that." Would a "destroy things at a distance" bonus apply? Or is it quite specific in how it applies in that regard?

... Also, would a PoF or BoAF count as a missile or projectile, for the wand bonus, assuming "destroy things at a distance" doesn't apply?

I count PoF, Iol and BoAF as a missile and not as destroying at a distance. As you note, the effect for Pilum of Fire isn't exactly destroying something, but instead creating something that delivers damage (at a distance, like a missile).