inexperienced player seeks rules lawyer for good times

The main story guide in my first ever game of Ars is taking a back seat for a while so I'm having a go at writing and running some adventures as part of a campaign.

The difficulty I'm having is that I like to bend the rules a little, keeping our resident rules lawyer on his toes. However I can't get him to check the legality of what I do now as it's adventures which he'll be playing.

Both he and the other player (Gribble_the_Munchkin & King Ghidorah) read these boards, so posting my questions here would be risk ruining the secretive plots of the Covenants new arch-nemesis, the evil Doctor Hand!

(Dr Hand doesn't exist, I'm just testing whether they're reading or not!)

What I really need is someone to act as rules lawyer for me, someone who doesn't mind a flurry of emails every once in a while, and has time to read and reply to them.

It's not going to be a huge timesink, I understand the game well enough that I won't be emailing every week asking what parma is, or what's the difference between a magus and a blacksmith. But sometimes when I want to experiment with something, or push the rules in some way that the rulebook isn't clear on, I'd like somebody to tell me when I'm pushing too hard.

Is anybody willing to help?

Oli (the existing games lawyer) says I'm not allowed to use Abe :stuck_out_tongue:

You fiend Dr Hand!!! You'll not escape justice this time!

There is always Dr. McNinja! to deal with fiends like Dr. Hand

Oh? What page is that rule at?