Infernal Creature Powers

Hello. I need a bit of help with working on an infernal creature...

Is anyone able to explain how the Powers of the two example creatures (Rop: I, p 79) relate to the powers under Maleficia, please?



I'd handle 'Spit Fire' as a Debauchery/Phantasm effect using the guideline to "Create a dangerous phantasm..."

'The Unimpeded Traveller' is a bit trickier, but I'd recommend Incantation/Effusion effect that wards the steed against "...all natural, non-living materials" since that would logically aid it in passing through rough terrain and could arguably allow it travel across water...

Alternately, it's a bit of a cheat, but the Level 4 Debauchery/Phantasm guideline could arguably work for both effects...

Time to think up a few more infernal effects for the Non-Hermetic Grimoire thread, eh Gremlin? :slight_smile:

Excellent - thanks for the mild thread necromancy, answers and link to the non-Hermetic Grimoire (something I'd completely missed).

I shall attempt to pull a couple of powers together in the light of your suggestions and examples, and will post them here for your perusal, if that's ok.



Ah, it's one of my favorite stickies. :slight_smile: