Infernal Item : The Crown of Pashtilar

Quoted from Paths of the Damned: Spires of Altdorf page 42
for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
Writing and Design : David Chart

Rather than giving my interpretation straight off , it seemed more useful if people could read the original.
Hope im not breaching any copyright here for so doing.

This might make a cool item as people would not always realize what it was.
As for Powers , nothing with an Infernal Might score would make the first attack ,
Demon-worshippers w/o a might score would be included here also.

It would be a very powerful item , likely generating its own Infernal Aura , but a subtle one.
If you owned it and botched a Demon Summoning , at least you get a chance to bargain.

If anyone has any ideas for how to adapt this for use in play feel free to comment.

I'd maybe give the coin/crown/item a Hierarchy score by association with a powerful prince of hell. This turns it more into a seal, which demons might have the capacity to detect. Those with a lower status within the hierarchy may think twice (out of cowardice, not prudence) before taking direct action against the bearer of the seal.

This removes the need to make up some complex warding effect, ensures that the player must do his research before trying to intimidate any old demon, and still allows for the insanity of minor demons that just might take a shot at the prince's envoy.

And you could infer that the demonic prince has a permanent arcane connection to the bearer of his seal if you'd like.

Oh, I like this.

I second this. The item is too powerful if everyone with Infernal Might refrains from attacking on sight. Limiting it to being with so and so Might might be ok, but using Hierachy seems more in order (Infernal Order that is Mwhahahahaha!).
Unfortunately my recollection of Hierarchy is a bit weak, but does this also protect against those without Infernal Might but somehow aligned to the Infernal Realm - like those with Infernal powers, abilities etc?