Information regarding Lions and Lions of Virtue!

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I was wondering if anyone could help me out?

I am after some information regarding Lions and Lions of Virtue...

I remember reading, that a Roar of a Lion or it could of been a Lion of Virtue that anyone who hears the Roar has to make a bravery check or run of screaming (I think that is what happens)

But i can't remember if it was a normal Lion or a Lion of Virtue, and seeing as i presently don't have the book on hand i was wondering if anyone can remember or knows on what type of Lion this happens and what the results of hearing the Roar are??

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Sir Parn!!:slight_smile:

Yes, I remember this as well. An old supplement... Probably the Medieval Bestiary. And it was a beast of virtue.

Ok, checking...
CrMe 25, 3 might points. When the lion roars, all those nearby must make a Brave roll of 9+ or be frozen in terror.

Thank you very much " The Fixer " that helps me out heaps!

Also what would you think, in regards if the Beast of Virtue (Lion), was a lot more powerful than the normal Beasts of Virtue (Lion)?

Would just raising the Bravery Roll from a 9+ to a higher target number seem right?

And do normal Lions have the same ability with there Roar as well?

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Sir Parn !!:slight_smile:

I would think that ANY lion encountered in Mythic Europe would qualify as a Beast of Virtue. These are the lions that make the forest fearsome and require the gentleing hand of a saint. In North Africa or the Levant, I would hold things are different.

Aye, you stumble across a lion in the Black Forest and it's either a) an illusion, b) a Bjornaer with a -really- exotic heartbeast or c) a beast of virtue. Lions are unpleasant and biblical, in addition to being rare as hell.


As per the Brave roll, you can sure amp it up if you want you lion to be especially fearfull, but know that 9+ is already high. Normal people will flee most of the time, and even especially brave persons (brave trait at +3) will be affected about half the time.

Lions prefer open land and the plains, you know... :wink:

and at least a Lion of Virtue wouldn't be out of place in Greece. (Historically probably retreated eastwards a few centuries earlier, but mythically?)