ingasia summer 1188

Eleni has finally been given time to study a tapestry while her master instructs his familiar in magic theory, but a shadowy figure is seen at the covenant, outside the aegis, and of course her master in one of several who have vendettas this could be related to. He is however, the only one who recently acquired a familiar that needs to regularly leave the covenant to stretch its wings...

before we get into this adventure lets get a roll call of characters that could be involved and make sure they are all prepared for play.

Eleni is ready of course. BTW, what kind of bird does Daedalus have?

Silveroak, did you come to a decision on how we should build the Karkinoi? I’m fine with either method (might or mundane-ish) just think they should all have a standard base method of building rather than some made one way, some the other.

Does a crab-clawed staff wielding protector of the covenant seem too far fetched?

that does not seem far fetched. My perspective is that they are a magic race (aka have might) but that there can be exceptions.

Ok, then I'll just create him as I was, without might, since, if nothing else, making Trintion showed me that creating magical characters is a PITA... maybe he's a "half breed" someone was just too into getting some "claw action."

As this is likely Elpida's first appearance an introduction for her will be neccesary if she's to be involved, but being able to see all the ways she, and those around her, might die could prove useful.

ímisy, the half-blooded karkinoi is ready for approval/service.

Elpida had wandered several days after fleeing Thessaloniki, plagued by her former master and leaving many who came across her thinking he was mad rather than a talented weaver. Eventually an odd gentleman who made her feel vaguely uncomfortable spoke to her and suggested she talk to a friend of his, who had her set up a loom and watched her work for a bit before buying her passage here, where she had been told she would be appreciated. Oddly the man spoke with her old master as well, and did not have many kind words for him...
as she disembarks the ship she is astonished to see that the men who are loading and unloading the craft have claws for hands...
meanwhile Daedalus has told Eleni that he has received word that a weaver of some ability is making her way here to aid in her instruction, or to make some tapestries, they would figure it out after they met the girl how exactly she would fit in, but she should be arriving at the docks ...

Just then Imisy is heading back to the ship to grab another box and noticed the girl's look as she saw his people's claws. "Do not be afraid, girl." he says brusquely, "We..." his eyes narrow a moment as he sizes her up, "are also," the word raised like a question, "servants to the masters of this fair island." As he moves past her to grab another box from the ship.

Taking Daedalus' words to mean 'go and fetch the new weaver,' Eleni excuses herself and makes her way to the docks. She does not approach the ship so as to stay out of the way of those working on the docks.

Eleni does not have to wait long before spotting a woman whose steps falter upon noticing the karkinoi.

"This should be interesting" she mutters to herself as she waits to see how the woman would react. It would not do to have a someone who is always on the verge of hysterics to help or assist her after all.


Elpida was dressed in the same clothes she wore when she fled Thessaloniki. She had left with a few coins, some food, and her sewing kit, but those had long since been spent, eaten, or lost. The young weaver only possessions were the ragged and worn clothes on her body. Her hair was in equally poor shape, but as she had since a young girl she conscientiously plaited it.

She was visibly unsettled by the claws of the men, but her mind soon settled. These were men like any other, she reasoned. Claws made them no more or less dangerous. That still meant that they were as dangerous as other men. She knew almost too well how dangerous normal men could be. Still, it seemed like this island might be somewhere she could live and ply her trade, so she forced herself to be amiable. "I'm not afraid," she said lied. "I'm just... curious. Do they hurt?"

"HA! Does having so many fingers hurt? What about when they split off from the stump?" Imisy laughs, while carrying a large box that might have been a that too heavy for him to be carrying alone. Unwilling to let the others think he was slacking for a moment.


Elpida just looked confused now. "Split off from the stump?" She shook her head. "Are you sure you should be carrying something so large by yourself?"

"I'm fine," Imisy says straining a little but he does speed up to put the box down sooner.


Elpida followed the man wearing a look of concern. She worried that he might be trying to show off. Men were as prone to such silly displays as boys, in her experience. It also made her reluctant to help. He would probably just resent any attempt to help him. Men are so stupid, she thought as she watched and followed.


Most interesting. She seems to have adapted well to the sight, but there's something there that I can't figure out. Eleni thinks to herself.

Eleni approaches within earshot of the karkinoi and the woman. "Mistress! Are you our new weaver?" she says in a firm voice, making sure that she is not in the path of the grog who seems to be straining with his load.


Elpida turned quickly to face the source of the stern voice. "Ah," she happily exclaimed as she saw the origin of the voice. What an adorable little girl, she thought. "Yes, I think I might be. At least, a strange gentleman told me I could find work here and then paid for the journey here."

Elpida walked over to the adorable young girl. She felt much more at ease around women than she did men. "I'm Elpida," she said with a smile and a friendly hug.

"Excuse me, miss" a middle aged man dressed in leather approaches "I have been hired to hunt a rare bird for a collector that I am told is not indigenous to this island, would either of you happened to have noticed a bird with unusual plumage about?"


Elpida, more by instinct than thought, interposed herself between the middle aged man and the young girl when she turned to address him. "I haven't," she said curtly.

"I see" the man says slowly "Well then nothing to do but get to it, nothing quite so challenging as tracking birds"