ingasia summer 1188

Imisy having finally set down this box, sees this stranger approach the young apprentice and realizes it is his duty to protect her. Not to mention the glory he might gain by doing so. Instead of returning to the ship for more luggage he closer to the two girls and the man.


Eleni was about to reply to Elpida when the man in leather approached and asked about a bird, something that suddenly made her senses tingle.

Peering out from behind Elpida's skirts Eleni addressed the man while also taking care to commit his features to memory."Excuse me sir, but why are you hunting for birds in Ingasia of all places? Any such bird you find would probably be owned by one of the magoi"

The man glances at Imisy's claws then tips his hat and turns to walk away, carrying a large case.


Imisy watches the man leave, making note of him and wondering when the last time a stranger came to the island who wasn't either a magoi, one of their servants, or in the employ of the Verditius.

[edit: I was wondering if Imisy thinks the case the man is carrying is empty or not. And is the case large enough to fit a small child?]

The case is rathe large, he would estimate it could be carrying a rather large child, or more likely something like a tent and sleeping bag with other assorted equipment.


Almost disappointed that the man seems no immediate threat to Eleni, Imisy glances back towards to boat seeing the other Karkinoi carrying what seems the last of the boxes off the ship.

Then, speaking to Elpida, "May I help you with your luggage, miss?" With that man around he's unsure if he should let Eleni wander off outside of the watchful gaze of a protector.


Elpida fidgeted with her sleeves out of embarrassment. "I don't have any," she said quietly.


Feeling awkward, less due to Elpida's feelings than the fact that her destitution robbed him of an excuse to follow them, "Uh... do not fret, girl, I am sure that in no time at all the gene... no, fair pay of the masters will have you with more dresses than you could wear in half a week." then taking a moment in thought, "I will follow and help you get situated in your room and make sure the steward treats you fairly."


Elpida couldn't deny the allure of wearing something other than the clothes on her back. She had done her best to maintain them, but even with her skill she needed tools to do her work. The idea of wearing something pretty appealed even more. Of course, most appealing was the hope that she could make her own fabrics and clothes.

Unsure of what she should do she turned to the young girl. "What do you think, sweetheart?"


Eleni is a bit peeved that the man did not answer her question and continues following him with her eyes, taking note of what direction he's going.

Jolted out of her surveillance, she tears her eyes off the man and looks up at Elpida. "Dresses? I can make dresses so long as you can weave the cloth." She gives a small bow to Elpida before continuing "I am Eleni kori tou Daedalus. Welcome to the Covenant of Ingasia mistress Elpida. As you may have noticed, there is more to this place than you were first led to believe, but the longer explanation will have to wait until my Kyrios can interview you."

Turning to the karkinos she lowers her voice so that it does not carry farther than the three of them."If you can keep an eye on that man, then do so and discreetly. If not, find someone who can. In either case seek out Kyrios Daedalus or myself, for I shall be reporting this incident to him and he would probably find the presence of that man here of interest."

Gesturing to Elpida "Let us go to Kyrios Daedalus for that interview now mistress Elpida."

[OOC: Once Eleni gets to Daedalus she will relate what happened in the docks and note that Elpida carried herself well when confronted with the existence of the karkinoi.]


Elpida was somewhat taken aback by the eloquent Eleni. As she watched the young girl Elpida realized she may have gotten the wrong impression of Eleni. So despite the urge to hug and mother the girl the young weaver resisted.

"Ah, is that who I am supposed to meet? Daedalus? The man I met wasn't very open with details..." Nevertheless Elpida followed Eleni and tried not to think of all the ways she could dress her up.

Imisy quickly moves to follow the bird hunter as inconspicuously as possible.

[Stealth (shadowing) roll 6]

"Well, my Kyrios did tell me that a weaver of some ability..." she glances and grins at Elpida for a moment "I assume that to be you. ...was supposed to come today to either make tapestries or to aid in my instruction."

"My family are clothiers you see, but since the guilds implemented the domestic system I have not learned weaving and a true craftsman should know everything about her craft from the raw materials to the finished product."

as the bird hunter makes his way into the mountain he glances back occasionally at Imisy, but does nothing to dissuade him from following as he makes his way halfway up the mountain and begins to set up camp a ways off the road from the docks to the covenant.


Wlpida blushed slightly at the compliment. "I'm supposed to be your teacher?" It wasn't what Elpida had been expecting, but she liked the idea. She wasn't sure her former teacher would like the idea. She almost expected the ghost to show up then and there and start berating her, but she was spared the haunting. "I suppose we should get a move on?"


Imisy watches the hunter set up camp for a bit then realizes that he should probably tell someone of this intruder. Thinking he will be easy enough to find later and the girls are likely back speaking to Daedalus by now he can leave this man for a bit and heads off in search of the captain of the grogs, a man Imisy very much looks up to and hopes to impress.

the cave entrance has a pair of guards who direct you to the captain, who is down in the village by the shore.

As the girls approach the cave and the magic aura the ghost of Ipida's teacher can be heard but not seen. "Not enough that you got me killed, now you are marching us into hell."

Imisy finds the captain of the grogs in his house. The man answers the door "Yes?"

Meanwhile Elpida and Eleni have made it down to the sanctum where Daedalus is teaching magic theory to his bird. They reach a breaking point and the bird heads out of the sanctum through the caves to find some open space.


"Sir, there seems to be a strange man on the island. He claims to be hunting birds, sir. Seemed strangely interested in Master Daedalus' apprentice until I walked over. I watched him for a time as the girl ordered me, until I figured the apprentice and the new weaver were safe where they were going, sir. He set up camp a little off the road up there, sir." Imisy delivers stiffly and in an awkwardly formal manner, trying to make a good impression but looking for any sign that he did the wrong thing or, hopefully, the right thing.