Inhuman Residents and "Specailist Character Costs"

Say the a Covenant has the Inhuman Residents Boon for a supernatural resident, say "Spirits" of some kind. Wouldn't they have Might? Say a PC wants to specify the build point cost of a specailist by Might. How would one cost that out?

Maybe use the chart in the right column of RoP:M page 34 as a guideline?

That's not a bad suggestion. While that chart doesn't relate the relative might of the "grog" level characters in terms of build points, it at least gives a useful range.

He can't. Their Might is not relevant to their role as a specialist. But they would have 0-10 Might based on the power level of your saga.

Might doesn't really do anything for them inherently. If your dwarf blacksmith is a 5 Might creature his Might COULD be making his blacksmithing better but it doesn't have to. His MR is lower then your Aegis to be sure and if you are relying on your servants to penetrate magic resistance then something has gone very wrong.

If it is relevant then you already payed for the Might with a boon.

That sounds quite reasonable and I can work with that.