Initiating into Mercurian Magic

Ok, so it has been hinted at in our saga that it might be a possibility to be initiated into Mercurian Magic. My question is thus, the restrictions on Verditius magic are clearly documented as a byproduct of their training early on but that those initiated into the house later are purposefully scarred to replicate the same penalties to casting. Mercurian magic is not so well documented in that it only states that you may only cast spontaneous spells ceremonially. Is this a hindrance placed on one's Gift? Or is this a hindrance from one's training?

Given that the magi being initiated is years past gauntlet and has been using spont magic a lot, what would the rationale be? Or would you say that the penalty does not apply? Any thoughts?


I'd treat it as a mystery, so that the ability to cast spontaneous spells regularly is lost in the initiation.

So you would treat it as an Ordeal? I thought of that, but what would happen if you modified the script to exclude the ordeal?

This is already a major virtue. I doubt that removing the limitation would be a good idea. It is not a shopping list, but a wholistic virtue: you take the virtue AND the associated malus. otherwise you are not performing mercurian magic but something else instead. It is a way of working all your magic: it does not have a ON/OFF switch :slight_smile: Your whole conception of the world is colored by how you see tmagic and how you interact with such magic forces. Do not reduce it to a number: virtue and flaws lose a lot of their coolness factor if you do that.


Xavi, i use your post to make my remark:
it's the same as for diedne magic and a magical major focus in spontaneous magic.

You can't proceed with calculation and deduce that this focus (granted by diedne magic) is a major focus because diedne is a major virtue + free major flaw and has 2 side ("focus like" and "no fatigue in "normal" casting").

It was just gut feeling: I find this to be too powerful in the context of its usefulness in the game, so my troupe would declare this to be major. No more, no less :slight_smile: YYMV as usual