Inner Heartbeast - Anima Power Suggestions

I'm trying to get some ideas for the benefit a character I'm playing at the moment should getting from having initiated the mystery of the anima. I did it in game a while back, but haven't gotten around to defining it. The heartbeast in question is a rat, and the inner heartbeast is a rat of iron. It could be the same as the stone anima in Mystery Cults - soak and size, I believe - and that's what I will go for if I can't think of anything else.

Are there examples of animas people have taken on here? Or does anyone have any suggestions for interesting powers? All are appreciated.

Tetanus bite?

I think there are a lot of possibilities. I'll give just three, phrased in very general terms (there are many ways in which they could be translated into actual powers).

  1. Plague of Mundanity. The iron rat spreads a rotting plague -- one that rots the supernatural, possibly destroying auras, spells, faeries etc. This is based on the role of rats as unclean animals associated with plague, and on iron as a traditional bane to many supernatural creatures/phenomena. Perdo Vim, in many forms.
  2. Devourer. The iron rat can eat (through) anything solid -- stone, metal, ice, etc. and possibly gain sustenance from it. This is based on the role of rats as survivors that will eat anything they find, and iron as something tough. Perdo Terram, probably with requisites.
  3. Iron legion. The iron rat can mate with iron, or perhaps any metal (or maybe any solid matter or even thin air), and almost instantaneously reproduce copies of itself (perhaps of iron, perhaps of the corresponding material). This is based on the role of rats as fast breeders, and the association of iron with organized warfare. In Hermetic terms, this is something of a ReTe effect that animates matter in a way similar to that in which ReHe can animate plants, and ReCo can animate corpses; perhaps with other Form requisites, and possibly a Muto requisite (to make iron out of other Forms).

That's already very useful. But you might ask your troupe, whether an iron rat needs to breathe, drink or eat. If the answer is three times 'no', which is quite plausible, the Bjornaer becomes a first rate infiltrator.