Input needed: Aurum target of "Part"?

I have a player with flexible formulaic magic. He wants to make a circling winds of protection spell with a target of "part", so that he can cast it at either individual or group level and bypass the need to have two spells.

Now, my gut feel on this is that in general, the base spell invented needs to make sense. How does a circling winds of protection with a target of "part" make sense in of itself? The writeup on Aurum spells in the core book simply talks about Individual and Group level.


Part of a human would work. CWoP over an arm or a head.

He could also go from Ind(size+1) to Group, which would make perfect sense

Given the actual area of effect of CWoP is smaller than the base Auram Ind, then using T:Part isn't untoward. Seems very reasonable to me.
Likewise allowing a Magus to recreate a spell to take into account of their virtues seems well within the spirit of the rules too.

I disagree since then we run into one of two circumstances:

  1. Smaller Individuals are T: Part, so it's harder to affect say a person with the Dwarf Flaw because they're smaller. This is because using the above statement we're saying creating a wind smaller than the base size Individual of a created wind would be creating one of size Part. But this disagrees with the rules. The rules put an upper limit on sizes of Individual, not a lower limit.
  2. If T: Part is needed for creating air in such a way that is not creating a whole atmosphere or something like that, then the base Individual becomes somewhat useless.

I would agree, which is why I like this suggestion:

Now he can have a large windstorm around him, shrink it to a regular one, enlarge it to a huge one (Individual + 2 magnitudes), or a bunch of them (Group). That sounds like a wonderful way to set this Virtue up and not mess around with half of Auram with screwy T: Part stuff.



Thanks for the great suggestions guys, solves a headache for me without the pain! :slight_smile:

I would say than if you need change, destroy or control only one part of one typical objective, for example to destroy the wind around you without affect all the wind on the Boundary, transform the breath on one room only on one place, to make the clouds leave the sun pass without destroy the storm and so on.