Intangible Tunnel question

Okay I did a search and got no answers I liked, I could ask my fellow TT gamers, but I annoy them too much with questions, so

Re/Vi Opening the Intangible Tunnel

it says you can cast spells up to the level of the Re/Vi spell.

it also has the +4 Arc and +1 Conc.

Two questions that may seem unbelievably silly, but I cannot ration out a definite answer to on my own.

  1. Is the level of a spell you can cast "down the tunnel" based on the Tunnel's total spell level or the base effect before adding the Arc Con. +4 and the Conc. +1? (example: a Level 30 OtIT Re/Vi... can you cast level 30 and lower spells OR can you only cast level 5 spells? Because base effect 5, Arc +4, Con +1, equals Level 30?)

I would think it's level 30 spells, but for some reason I have talked myself out of it and now I am in a quandary because during the discussion within my brain, one of us in here suggested this next question. :laughing:

  1. Why not simply make a Diameter duration spell, instead of Concentration, and then take no risk or make a roll to cast the second spell? Tunnel is open... zing away. I understand it is not something you would want to do against a being that could follow the "Tunnel" back to you, having a Arc Con stay open for a set amount of time, but is there a mechanical reason you can not do this?

Can you make a Open the Int Tunnel spell with a Sun duration?

If you have gotten this far without laughing my question off the screen, thanks for helping clarify. :smiley:

  1. The guidelines on page 161 say a conduit for spells of less than base level +5 magnitudes. Opening the intangible tunnel is base effect + 1 magnitude for concentration +4 more for range arcane connection that's five magnitudes, it can fit a spell of equal to or lower than its own level. So base level +5 magnitudes or spell level both calculations come out the same.

  2. duration diameter is fine you can't shut it off as easily but you don't have to concentrate either.

Thanks so much... I just needed some one to tell me I was over-thinking it.

Besides, a concentration variation, for a ReVi skilled magus means you can make a "maintening the demanding spell" (up to moon, if your tunnel is only leve 40) just after, and by only ceasing the maintening the demanding spell, cease the tunnel.

Vim is wonderful :slight_smile:

There are some other ways to break the tunnel.

The Tunnel requires an arcane link. If you are worried about stuff coming back the other way, make the link on your end something that you can perdo-away with a fastcast spell. No link, no tunnel.

No, that doesn't work. LIke all spells, the range is only required at the time of casting, not during the duration. Once the tunnel is up, it's up until his end.

A combination of Intellego and Perdo vim should allow you to see and dispell the Arcane Tunnel (assuming high enough levels) as it is a 2 way tunnel. However this would require you knowing that a tunnel had just opened, by which point it could be too late

Lucian Flambonis is hunting down Estridge Jerbitonis under a wizards war. Estridge has been hiding from the enraged Flambeau for good reason thinking discretion is the part of valour. Knowing Lucian casts intangible tunnels, he has a high level unravelling the Form of Vim spell. However Lucian opens the tunnel and then multicasts a nasty perdo-corpus spell through it. With a penetration mastery, penetration 5, a +3 connection and Estridges name, This gives a whopping bonus to penetration of 36!!!! BEFORE the overbleed from the casting rolls gets through. 4 of the 5 spells get through and Estridge aquires 4 Medium wounds. This is a -12 to all casting totals.

NOW lets see him dispelling the tunnel!


Hmm. With a high enough ReVi, could you move the open conduit to another arcane connection?

Canonly, not sure. But it's an interesting minor breakthrough.

I wish I had my Mysteries book at this moment, but I was thinking, what if you used spirit magics to have a spirit maintain the spell for you. You could have the conduit open for as long as the container is intact.

But then would you be able to cast spells down the "tunnel"?

Would the "tunnel" come back to the spirit or yourself?

Would be a viable defense, if you could pull it off.