Intellego as a diagnosis tool

Is it possible to create an intellego spell to determine whether a magus has a negative score in his characteristics.

I don't want my magus to be able to say
"Yup, that guys got a -2 in communication".
However it would be nice to be able to say
"Yup, my ritual fix rubbish commmunication could help that guy"

Where fix rubbish commmunication is a lvl 35 CrMe ritual to raise a targets communciation by one point to a maximum of 0.

This follows for higher level versions of the spell. i.e. is there a way to determine what level ritual you would need to cast to improve their score in a characteristic?

I think that this would be possible.

I'd stick the base level at 10 equivalent to sensing the truth of a statement or all of the emotions in a being. That makes a workable spell (range eye duration momentary target individual) level 15.

I think the information you would receive would be "how high a magnitude would I need to improve his communication?"