Intellego Corpus question

My players are trying to locate a companion who has been turned to stone via magic.

They have an arcane connection to him, but this has also been turned to stone.

Would InCo work?

Isn't the essential nature still the same... that being 'corpus'? If so, shouldn't the InCo still locate the subject? Thats just my understanding, which is admittedly limited.

The exact same thing happened to my character's boyfriend. But well, that guy was lost in arcadia, so "location" wasn't going to help so much, and she kind of gave up on intelligo magic in favor of learning arcadian travel...

I am pretty sure InTe would work, but Angado's essential nature argument sounds reasonable. Does the Form of your spell need to be that of the target, or of the target's essential nature? Hmm! Well I have read that characters that turn into animals may be detected as human with either InAn or InCo, but I am pretty sure you need the Animal form to affect them otherwise. To learn the target's location, that's harder, I would just ask the storyguide, but I guess that's what your player did, huh? Well, crap.

As a SG I would just let them use InCo if it's not that important, which could be cool. If the story demanded that the guy be harder to find, like in my case since my character has Lost Love, I would make the kids learn some terram.

Humans that turn to animals through MuCo, magical device, shapeshifter or lycanthropy (well lycanthropes are only Co, not me) can be affected by Co and Me as well as An. (p22 HoC:MC)

So a human turned to stone can be affected by Co as well as Te. (Me would depend on specific enchantment)

I think that is true. With the exception that it is possible for a character to truely become stone (Te), in the same way that a Bjornaer truely becomes animal (An) and is then no-longer affected by Co or Me. Such a spell seems to be beyond Hermetic magic (it breaks Essential Nature) but it might not be beyond other supernatural magic.

Indeed. Ettin Blood of RoP:F (p.107), in sunlight, for example. Yes?

Could be...RoP:F is sitting on the floor at home in the to-be-read pile.