Interactions between 2 different effects in one magic item

I am trying to make a magic item with 2 different effects and I would like some opinions of how they would work out.

In game my character is making an enchanted cloak with the following two effects:

Cloak of eagle feathers (like cloak of black feathers but with a golden eagle instead).


A personal range (i.e. targets the cloak itself) "ward against wind".

The eagle-shape effect has a terram requisite added, to allow the cloak to transform along with my character as part of the spell (so it is a MuCo(An,Te) effect), because the cloak has some metal clasps and such.

the ReAu ward against wind targets the cloak itself and in a way you could argue that the eagle is a composite of cloak and magus and that since the cloak is naturally on the outside when worn as a cloak it would also be "on the outside" of the transformed magus-cloak due to the limit of essential nature.
But I could also see arguments to the contrary, and I am not very experienced with magic items, any input would be appreciated.

If the cloak transforms along with the wearer into an eagle, you just have an eagle, right? I don't see that you can specify the cloak is on the outside. They're both just part of the eagle. Consider someone who transforms while wearing armor. If the armor is on the outside, they should get a big Protection bonus, right? But the animal isn't wearing armor so they don't. Meanwhile, if the ward is Personal and it's not your Talisman, then the person can still be buffeted by the wind, just the cloak won't be; it really won't protect the wearer, right? I would make it Touch. It's simple and avoids all this questionable stuff.

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