Interactive ability worksheet

Hi everyone! I'm new to Ars and this forum and very excited to be starting a chronicle. While working through character generation I kept thinking "there must be a better way". So, I made a web-based version of the ability worksheet pdf that automatically tallies as you go. It's basically a specialised spreadsheet, but I'm terrible with spreadsheets and good with websites. So, here it is for your pleasure: ... ities.html

Feedback is welcome. I've tested it decently well in Firefox, but haven't had the time to do more rigorous cross-browser abuse.

Hi and welcome!

I'd suggest adding Order of Hermes Lore and Latin explicitly; these are used often, so it's a shame to leave them with the generic (Organization) Lore and Dead Language.

Since the 5 in Native Language doesn't count towards the points in Early Childhood, I'd insert putting a "standard" 75 points there, that won't be included in the total of Early Childhood abilities. That allows one to see how many XPs one have in Early Childhood, while still counting the Native Language at 5 (in case he wants to raise it with more xp later, or just to make sure he copies it when he copies his abilities from the spreadsheet to the character sheet).

I'd also include spaces (outside the table itself) for the character's age at apprenticeship and current age, and calculate and present the implied XP totals for each category (Early Childhood, Later Childhood, Apprenticeship, After Apprenticeship), That will allow one to compare the current totals to the desired ones (the ones set by the character's age). Consider also allowing a different XP/year and/or bonus to the alloted amounts - to represent virtues and flaws like Skilled Parens or Wealthy.

I'd also present a separate tally for Arts, in addition to the "apprenticeship xp" total - to help gauge how much one invested in them (in comparison with the recommended 120).

For some characters, 3 extra ("other") abilities may not be enough, I'd recommend 5 to be on the safe side. (Consider a Bjornaer with Wilderness Lore, and 2 mastered spells - he's missing an ability slot!)

ArM uses "Score" or "Level" instead of "Rank" for the ability level. (And "saga" instead of "chronicle", incidentally.)

I personally prefer spreadsheets, or using Metacreator, but have fun your way :slight_smile: I also often use a spreadsheet for character advancement - if you go that route, remember to add other "Abilities" like Warping. This ain't important for a character-generation spreadsheet, however.

Cheers, and have fun!


Last form is Vim not vis.

A very nice and handy little application.
Seems to work well with Seamonkey browser.

Meh, doesnt matter...