Interesting "Combination" Items?

What are some of the more interesting ways you've come up with to utilize non-Hermetic properties (R/D/T, new effects, ability to enchant previously un-enchantable things, and so on) in conjunction with Hermetic magic in the enchanting of devices to make them better/more interesting than they would be simply Hermetically? Alternatively, with the few other traditions that have enchanting abilities, how might effects that are fully of that tradition be able to interact in interesting/useful ways with other fully Hermetic effects in the same item?


Once you've got clockwork, make the triggers for your items mechanical events. If you want, make a gearwheel that takes the time you want between triggering to complete 1 full rotation (using a hermetic duration ring or enchanted gear to provide constant motive power), mark a location it touches with a runic symbol, one of the teeth of the wheel with a runic symbol, then when those two symbols touch your item triggers.