Interesting Project - Build a 9th centure monastery

Salvete amici,

I just read about an interesting project. Some curious guy decided to build a monastery from scratch with 9th century methods.
The project is located in Meßkirch which is an idealized plan for a monastery created in the Swizz monastery St. Gallus.

Here the link to the project, unfortunately the site is in German only ...

Oh, i found some English information on this site: ... g_2009.pdf

p.s. Can somebody explain to me the difference between a monastery and a cloister. As a German speaker I have an idea but I am not sure about it :slight_smile:

Extremely interesting read! Thank you!

Cloister is an architectural concept, much like saying "tower" or "balcony". More specifically a cloister is a rectangular open space, around which a gallery runs, open on the central space.

A monastery instead, in very crude words, is the whole building complex where monks live (and by extension, it often refers to the whole community of the monks).

Cloisters are very common in monasteries, and that's why "cloister" is sometimes used as a synonym for a monastery -- it's a figure of speech akin to saying "dish" for one serving of food, even if the dish is technically only the "physical support".

So they start on the April Fools' Day. It's a proper time for such a project. Or just a well based joke. :laughing:

A bunch o0f crazy people is already building a castle, so I wouldn't find it weird for another bunch of crazy people to build a monastery. Next year some crazy people will build a small city, I tell you.

Well if it's an April joke than they have totally owned me ...

Let's see :slight_smile: I am curious!

btw: I still think it's real ...