Internet-based Tabletop Interest Survey

What's your level of interest in a virtual tabletop for ArM?

  • I do something like this already.
  • I don't do this already, but I'd be interested in doing it.
  • I don't do this, and doubt I will in the future.

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The folks who run Fantasy Grounds ( have asked us about an arrangement that would let people play ArM on their service, which is an internet-based virtual tabletop that allows remote RPGers to play together.

No specifics have been discussed, but I thought it might be worthwhile to ask around here first, to see if anyone here has used, might use, or would be remotely interested in such a service.

Check it out, post your thoughts. Thanks!

I did something like this several years ago, using software that has since become OpenRPG. []. At the time it was running on a public server and tended to be overloaded, slowing to a crawl, so we switched to just plain ol' ICQ chat.

So I checked "we do something like this already" because I've done it before, and the tools are available. I could set up OpenRPG on my own machine and run a server for my friends. However, I think a subscription service would be worthwhile for those who don't have the technical skills or time to run their own server (or are concerned about the security implications of doing so). Plus, it would be a potential place to meet other players online - always a Good Thing.

I currently have no time for such a game, and the costs involved are rather high. I'm not sure if the ArM community is large enough to support fantasy ground's model, but if it does fly, and if I would be able to free up more time and money, I would be interested.

Hey mate!

Completely unrelated, but great to see that you're still around! :smiley:

I took a look at the Fantasygrounds Web site, and my impression is that the cost is a one-time expense for the software, not a monthly subscription fee or anything. So I wouldn't agree that the costs are especially high.

And presumably, if one bought it, one would be able to play other games in addition to Ars Magica... :open_mouth:

Hard to tell. I've had a poor experience with such software in the past, it generally being clunky to use and rather overselling its features. Of course, that was quite some time ago (as far as 1998), so there's hope that things have improved since then.

Now, that being said and considering the dire lack of any gamers in my immediate surroundings, I'm interested in something that'd let me play (PBEM isn't my thing). So, a tentative "yes". I share Yair's worry about the user base though. Metacreator is having a hard enough time as it is.

I ticked that I might use it in the future. But realistically, if I ever did get something like this going, I'd be most likely running it as an addition for my normal RPG group - so PBEM or at most PB MSN would be sufficient for my needs I suspect.

As i have only ever done live gaming (tabletop) i am not sure how this would work for me.
Definitely interested , as finding people interested in Ars Magica seems problematic ,
despite having over 3 million people in the greater metropolitan area.
(there are no large organized gaming groups as such)

I browse sporadicly. I'm afraid my ArM involvement is rather low at this point.

I've done chat base gaming before and, personally, I think it looses alot. Unless you have a group of excelent typist the flow of conversations is easily interupted as you wait for a reply.

If this incorporated a voice chat program then i may consider it...but as is I don't see me using it.

I will have to second the voice chat option , as my typing skills are very slow.

RP'ing via Chat is tough. No visual aids, no emotions, no visual responses. "LOL" is not the same as hearing someone laugh out loud (much less invoke the coveted spitshot of soda or beer!)

When I don't have a gaming group, PbP is far preferable to me, tho' not everyone enjoys the demands of that sort of writing.

I'd think there's a market for it- how big? dunno.

Good luck!

Ah. Coming in late in the discussion here I see. :slight_smile: But yes, the typing skills can be a bit of a barrier to programs such as this.

On the occasions when we have played this way we usually use the program as a repository for our characters and the covenant as well as dice and notes.

Most actuall play is done over some kind of voice-chat software like Ventrilo or Teamspeak.

The costs as such are less than most game-books and just like them is a one-time issue, at the least with FG as the company promises free lifetime upgrades.

Welcome aboard!

I agree - if I were to do something like this, I'd also prefer to use vent or TS, while having some other chat/program for text and/or handouts, even if not a native speaker myself.

nods As of curent I actually use FG with a homemade series of character-sheets and the like for ArsMagica.

It is a good place to keep the dice, the maps and the like and includes the ability to place miniatures on the map just like OpenRPG.

The biggest advantage I think is that you can set up your own server even in a local LAN. (Helped us a lot when we split our group into two teams with a StoryTeller each. Both tellers sitting with a laptop to share maps of the teams positions and actions. )

The greatest advantage so far is actually in having all characters available for the GM once the players go home to check through and plan and plot against them and remind yourself of what virtues and flaws might come into play next session.

Not to mention that it makes it rather easy to advance NPCs as well.

Well long time table topper with long time group. Last year my troupe grew up and we moved to various parts of the country. We've actually flown in and or drove 5+ hours to game. This is something I've never considered, but I'd certainly give it a try as a means to keep in touch with my long term friends and keep our game going (or start a new one).

As I read the web site, it looks like $40ish for the main package, $20ish for Lite Versions of the game, and $10ish for rules add ons. Given the length that my troupe has been playing, besides being friends, were basically a club. I can see donations making the $40 more or less insignificant to get things going.

So I guess I'm interested. I don't want Atlas to lose their shirt over this, but if developed I certainly push my troupe to try it out.

I think the greatest use of a Virtual Table Top program would be for those whom have been runing campaigns together for years and then someone has to move to another city and/or when work and other real-life concerns pile up.

It is generally far easier to pick up a game with friends in another country over the internet than having them drive/fly over to your place.

Curently we are runing FG in combination with teamspeak and a laptop connected to the TV so that a player that is in Norway can join us and hear what shenanigans we are getting up to with his covenant. :wink:

It would be nice and I think I would give it a try to. But as the other mentioned it, there is some troubles with stuff like typing... or even traduction. I fear my english skils and vocabulary are not good enough to explain my crazy ideas sometime....

I've grown accustomed to TS from online games and would be comfortable using if the need should arise. But as long as I have my troupe nearby it'll not be relevent at this time.