Internet-based Tabletop Interest Survey

I'm running a campaign using OpenRPG at the moment.

I wouldn't pay for online tabletop software, even if like fantasyground it has realistically physics modelled dice and pretty sheets. They're never going to actually replicate properly being there (unless they incorporate video-conferencing and such... maybe later, eh?), so I prefer the free option. It tends to be that the people you find are usually okay at typing, but do expect everything to take twice as long.

OpenRPG can set up a server on a lan fairly easily also, and isn't limited by cost to only one person GMing or by specific games. On the other hand, the miniature map leaves much to be desired. It's a functional program, but hardly pretty.

Never tried voice-based things, they might work, but at present I'm happy with text.

I would personally definitely be into a program like this if well done. I would of course use it alongside Teamspeak so as to get the voices of my friends and not have to type :wink:

The friends I play with are all at university with me, I leave in a month, as do they and carrying on with our adventures is going to be very problematic from that point onwards.

At the moment we are planning on using some private forums and teamspeak, but a program like this would be wonderful...