Interoggatory of Antione

Master Vocis of Tremere has invited a magus from Transylvania to petition the council for membership. Antoine of Verditius. The full council convenes, with two notable absences. Vulcanus and Fedora had a big blow out that very morning, Vulcanus stomped of to parts unknown and left word he would send for his things later. Fedora went to Barcelona to cry on Tiana's shoulder.

Lucas seconds Vocis's petition. (If it requires seconding.) After meeting with Antoine while finishing his tour of the covenant, he thinks that the Verditus is worthy of debate.

Madame Pontifex Carmen of Flambeau calls Antoine to step forward.
Salve sodale. I invite you to intoduce yourself to the council and tell us about yourself. What do you seek to bring to Andorra and what is it we have to offer you?

((I will reply fully later; but remember that Antoine's major reason for coming here is to learn from / "reintegrate" Vulcanus. If he's stormed off with seemingly little prospect of return, it may affect his petition. Storming off's fine; but I think Antoine would need some indication he's still tied to Andorra))

(It is a plot hook. You don't know if he is ever coming back or not. But what you do know is this. A Journeywoman maga named Kesara is the one who tells you what happened, catching you just before the meeting. Her final words have a mysterious and ominous tone. [color=red]The Flame does not say if he will ever return or not, but I can tell you this. He will never send for his things.

(Ooh, mysterious :smiley:. Plot hook noted)

Antoine executes a small bow. Salve, Madame Pontifex; masters; sodales. My name is Antoine, magus of house Verditius, 7 years past gauntlet.

My reason for wanting to join this covenant... Hrm. Excuse me, I am forced to think on my feet here. You see, the primary reason for my petition has, I have just been informed, left the covenant grounds as of this morning. Vulcanus of Flambeau is a member of a lineage of craftsmen shunned and disowned by my house for many generations; yet I see only opportunity in our different techniques, a chance for both my house and his sect to benefit from shared knowledge, and thus improve the Order as a whole.

Obviously, the departure of Vulcanus is a blow to me. But I must be realistic. He is the first Valdarian I have ever heard about, and still my best link to that lineage. It seems that if I am to further my goal of reconciliation, I would still be best served by being at Andorra, in hopes that he will return, or at least relocate nearby. Besides which, what little I have seen of your covenant's situation and occupants has convinced me that this would be a most agreeable place to live and work.

In exchange, I offer you my service and my talents, such as they are. I am, naturally, a smith and enchanter; although I am not a blacksmith or armourer. I favour and am skilled in the crafting of jewellery and similar items in Gold, Silver and other precious metals. My Arts are focussed in the forms of Imaginem and Mentem, although I have a basic grounding in all Forms, as my parens believes a magus should be able to take an apprentice early. My techniques are balanced, with a slight bent towards Muto and Rego.

In addition, my parens initiated me into the art of Reforging enchanted devices. The process is difficult, and I am still learning; but in principle I can repair physically broken devices, break down unwanted devices into raw vis, and even compress the magic in devices, thereby allowing more effects than would normally be possible.

Finally, I am intelligent and hard-working; and stronger than many magi. I pledge the use of my skills to this covenant.

Fleur yawns.
"So tell us, if Vulcanus doesn't come back, if we hear he has moved to Novogrod or Hibernia to get as far away from whatever his reason for leaving might have been as possible, or if we get word of his death, what then? Will you remain here or be off to the next covenant?"

A fair question, and I understand your concern. However, I assure you that I would remain here. Apart from my solemn promise to you, I also have my fiancée to consider. She has happily consented to being uprooted and moved across half the world to be with me; I would not be so unkind as to do so again.

Poor Fedora, says Arachné. This was such a nice day. She'll get better, I am sure. So, we've got a new applicant. And a verditius? How convenient. I hope he'll be less... special than our last one.
The wicked witch is feeling happy :laughing:

Arachné listens to Antoine's patiently, then nods at Fleur's question, smiling.
So, she can think of something else than sex? First vulcanus, now that? Well, this day just keeps better and better.
(I use italic for thoughts, for those who don't know it yet)

A fiancée? How nice. Maybe getting screwed once or twice will mean he'll be less of a stick-up than Vulcanus. After all, Fedora did miracles to bring the ass back to basic levels of decency, and this one is younger. Wow, really, this day just keeps getting better and better.

So, when Arachné adresses Antoine, she is all friendly smile and joy.
If I may add, sodales, your talents look interesting. More than those of our dear, sadly absent sodales, I must say in all fairness. And, well, gold and silver are both more beautiful and easy to wear than a clumsy armor, aren't they? So I'd gladly vote to have you join our covenant.

Now, my new sodales asked a very, very good question, and I like your answer. I'm sure your fiancée would like it around here. I'd like to add one. In my travels, I've met 2 kind of verditius. Some are proud of their work, and try to impress their own prowesses to everyone around them, covenant be damned. Others, while still quite proud of what they can achieve, prefer to let their work speak for them, and work with and for their covenants, knowing that their legacy will last longer than any boast. Now, which kind of verditius are you? We've had troubles in the past, I'm sure we'll have more in the future, so I must know more about you. This, and there's a slight security protocol, too*

  • Now, where's the list of dreadful questions? It was quite fun.

Antoine smiles a half-smile.

I regret I may be too young to tell. I have noticed the same tendencies you talk about, and in my experience it is always the older magi who show the most pride. I have wondered if it is connected somehow with our developing skills*.

Be that as it may, I would certainly strive to be of the latter ilk. Crafting itself brings me joy, and I would rather leave a legacy than browbeat others during my lifetime. Time will tell if I can maintain that outlook.

As for security; I have nothing to hide. Ask what you will.

((*Lacking any info to the contrary, I've been assuming that Hubris is a: a well-known effect, but b: not understood as a cause. That is, everyone knows that elder Verditius are crotchety and proud, but it hasn't been documented as being a side effect of Mysteries. If that's wrong, I'll adjust accordingly))

This day just keeps getting better and better.

Arachné loves lucas already, and she has 5 whole and entirely legitimate reasons for it:

  • He's not Vulcanus.
  • Wherever vulcanus is, he's sure to have a fit if they learn they replaced him, especially right after his departure
  • His simple presence should be a deterrent to Vulcanus ever coming back.
  • Oh, and he's interested in mentem, meaning they should be able to do sweet things together.
  • He also has the additional and considerable advantage of being so not vulcanus.

She's almost tempted to welcome him already. But no, really, such a tempting offer... At such an auspicious time... Sigh... He must be watched. Really.
(But another day, I have no time now to check for the whole batch of questions)

It's ANTOINE!! Lucas is the other bloke... :laughing:

But you can like me too. :slight_smile:

I have made that mistake before.
The list of Questions is in the Sharkman Thread. When I get the chance I will add a formal coppy as an appendix to the Rulings of Charter
Carmen has a bold idea...
Are you willing to listen to suggestions? Would you craft what was requested in addition to what you think best?
My thinking is that we station him here and put him through the seven season pledge system. In the meantime, grant him access to Vulcanus' forge until he returns. That lab was built for the purpose of serving this covenant. If an officer is not present, the duty should fall upon a deputy.

Oups, sorry! It's just that I like lucas too :smiley:

Arachné smiles.
Should he pass our basic security check, I'm all for it. It's past time that forge fulfilled its purpose.

Antoine looks a little surprised. Of course. I wouldn't pretend to know what's best for the covenant, especially not when I've only just arrived! Of course, there has to be give and take - I know my own strengths, and the capabilities of my materials, and I would ask that you respect that; but guidance in what is needed is always welcome.

"Speaking of which," Lucas adds, "do you have any examples of your work that we could see? I'd love to know what you're capable of in the lab."

I grabbed the questions from the Sharkman thread. Here they are:

  • Have you ever supported a known practitioner of Diedne magic, or sympathized with the Diedne cause?
  • Do you intend to deceive or harm this covenant or its members?
  • Do you think yourself the kind of person who'd have her memories temporarily tampered with in order to join a covenant and infiltrate it?
  • Could a suitable price convince you to betray this covenant?
  • Are you now, or have you ever consorted with the forces of the infernal?

Of course. I have a few trinkets with me. This - he pulls a circular wooden pendant from beneath his robes; the holder is cunningly designed to allow the pendant to rotate in both directions - has a number of uses. Like this - he presses the pendant, and you notice his clothes appear less rumpled, his hair tidier, and a scent of cinnamon soap reaches you - I get an effect of my own devising, making me appear clean and my clothes well-laundered. Like this - he rotates the pendant vertically, and flickers into a stately ancient magus, with long white beard - we have a standard Disguise of the Transformed Image. I also have this ring, which I wear to remind me of my limitations. I pushed myself in its creation, and it almost works - so. He presses the ring's stone, and vanishes - but the ring remains, hovering in mid-air. Dismissing all the effects (by taking the jewellery off if need be), Antoine reappears, smiling a little ruefully. So close. And, obviously, it is often good enough to pass unnoticed.


  • Have you ever supported a known practitioner of Diedne magic, or sympathized with the Diedne cause?
    I have not.
  • Do you intend to deceive or harm this covenant or its members?
    I do not; at least not in important matters. I'm sure you will not hold it against me if, say, I attend a masked ball.
  • Do you think yourself the kind of person who'd have her memories temporarily tampered with in order to join a covenant and infiltrate it?
    I do not. Of course, if I were then I'd probably have had my memory modified to believe that I hadn't, so...
  • Could a suitable price convince you to betray this covenant?
    Almost certainly. But let me explain; I do not mean to imply that I could be bribed to betray the covenant, but all men have their point of pressure. I imagine if Isolde's life were being threatened, an nothing else would appease her captors, I might find my loyalties sorely tested.
  • Are you now, or have you ever consorted with the forces of the infernal?
    I have not, nor do I ever intend to.

Fleur mutters, loud enough to be overheard and understood, but quietly enough to be able to deny that she meant to be heard "I might hold myself against you."

Roberto overhears. [color=red]Speak up Fleur! What's on your mind? I haven't liked all of the answers given by all of the others neither. What strikes you about this one? For I think I may share your trepidation. I do understand True Love, but I do not believe in the no win situation. The answer of "certainly" came up a bit to quick for comfort.