Intro: Daria de Angelis, actual play

The other patrons of the Inn make themselves scarce so that you and the girl see nobody else as you move toward the rear door.

The girl follows you cautiously through the Inn, limping in a very ungainly manner as she goes down the stairs between floors. At the rear door she pauses to scan the rear yard of the inn and then moves as quickly as she can to the side gate, past the storage cabins and open yard. As she opens the gate a little, she whistles a bird call which is so good that it's possible she didn't make it at all.

You don't see anything untoward in the street or immediate area; and certainly no guardsmen. After a long pause where the girl stands very still on this side of the gate you hear another bird call from a short distance away, and upon hearing that the girl looks back at you, and then limps into the street toward the other call. The girl is able to slip through the side gate even though her ankle is still painful and the gate is known to stick in a cumbersome manner.

You hear the movement of Grim walking into the corridor, he appears to be loitering to see if trouble starts. A small billy club at his hip, but no malice in his face; unreadable as always.

[delay in post due sickness, on the mend now]

I glance over at Grim offering a half smile but enough to show i am reassured that he's here.

Waiting at the entrance seems to take forever but i stay until the girl has clearly made her way safely out of sight and earshot to whomever she had been communicating with. If there's signs of trouble i will surely run to her aid, if not….

I shut and latch the rear door and make my way back to the common room to begin the arduous task of cleaning up the mess.

The girl disappears from view and nothing alarming occurs outside the Inns outer wall in the moments you listen. The wall is high enough that you can't view her once she goes through the gate. Unless you're going to follow you think they'll move away quickly.

Back inside the debris from the confrontation has been cleared and the tables rearranged to where they need to be. The ship's wheel is back in place attached to it's ceiling chain, but it has new marks and scars. The main room looks normal and it is hard to tell that some of the furniture is missing without knowing what occurred earlier.

You'd be confident in finding any of the Inns inhabitants if you wish to, as by mid-morning they are generally about doing prep for the day and evening.

I'll stay indoors for most of the day, i don't want to attract any unwanted attention of the guardsmen just in case the matter was reported or i happen by the guardsmen from the Inn.

Mostly spending time welcoming customers and general Inn duties and keeping a close eye out for any trouble. Prior to prep for dinner i'll head into town and look about for the inns inhabitants that are yet to return, keeping a close watch for guardsmen.

Search for Inn's inhabitants
Awareness Searching 2 + Perc 0

If i spot the guardsmen from the Inn i will seek out an area that is devoid and private and shape change into a raven, find a perch within earshot and listen to their conversation.

Spot guardsmen
Awareness Searching 2 + Perc 0

Shapechange 5 + Stamina 2

Your searching pays off late in the day. As the evening begins you spot the guardsman who was overturned on the table by Renalto talking to two other men at the intersection of two major streets. They are standing and leaning on the steps of a small shrine, and most of the inhabitants give them a few yards of respect.

The guardsman is still uniformed and so is one of the other men with him, although the other guardsman's uniform appears more formal. The third man is wearing hauberk chain armor complete with a coif, mits, and a small shield on the steps near his feet. He is also wearing the blue and gold livery similar to the Empire's army, and as you get closer you can see the Empire's golden lion on his tabard. At his hips are a short axe and sword. While all three men look strong and have a solid builds, the third armored man is clearly a trained professional. He appears in far better shape than the other two. Their manner implies that the conversation is light, and they are likely friends.

After you transformation you can get within ear shot easily without raising any suspicion.

Their banter concerns their time during the last dangerous conflict near Paris, but ranges around other campaigning stories. The heavily armed man is leading the conversation in the storytelling, and making good job of playfully teasing the more formally dressed guardsman. However each lands jibes and keeps smiling. Without knowing the context the seem to be three old friends catching up. As the time passes the soldier passes around some bread from a small pack under his shield, and a small bottle of wine follows.

After a while you are able to determine their names as Marc or Lugh (both?) (the large guardsman from the inn events), Evard, a captain (the more formally dressed guardsman), and Casimir (the armed warrior).

[How long will you observe for? As these three don't appear to be on their way quickly to anywhere]
[You can try rolling Intrigue + Perception if you want more context here, or suggest another roll if you have something in mind to determine?]

I will stay put for about 2 to 3 hours and listen to their conversations.

Intrigue 0 + Perc 0

If the men are just waffling after that time i'll fly to a private area nearby the Inn, transform back and call it a night.
Shapechange 5 + Stamina 2

If the conversation gets interesting i'll stay longer and listen. If the men decide to leave i will follow them, following Marc if they split up and find out where he lives. Then fly back to the Inn and retire. My concerns are why they were chasing a child so feverishly and also if the men are possibly planning a revenge for the events at the Inn.