Introduction and Podcast Request

I'm a brand new here so I apologize if this is not the right place for this topic.

There's a chance I may be running an Ars Magica game fairly shortly and I'm trying to get into the headspace of the game. My only previous experience with it is from a game one of my group ran back early in the 2000's. Since then we've mostly played Mage (both A's) but with us playing online and on two continents, I think Ars Magica may be a better fit.

The AM5 core book is in the mail, so in the meantime I'm trying to do some mental world building. I'll usually look for podcasts if I want to know more about something, and sometimes I strike gold. I've been binging 'Games From Folktales' this week, but there's got to be other Ars Magica podcasts or episodes out there.

My first thought was that the best place to ask would be here.

Oh, by the way, if you haven't picked up 'Games From Folktales,' you really should.

Take care and stay safe.


Hi and welcome.

I was about to point you to Games From Folktales, but it seems that you got there already... Have a look through old forum posts here as well as some people post adventures, characters, world building etc It can serve as inspiration.
The "post a day" sub forum contains lots of compendiums of whatever, from NPCs, Vis sources, monsters etc

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and perhaps check out the posting history of a certain @Jank as they have posted a number of detailed posts detailing the specific games they play in.

These posts are often of sufficient detail that you can just plug and play them into your campaign if you are so inclined and even if you are not they are great inspiration for how to structure a storyline and what you need and need not do as a game master.


There is another Ars Magica podcast called Arcane Connection that you could look up.

Though what got me into the right headspace when I started my current Saga was listening to the recorded sessions of the Sons of Voluntas Saga.

It's a Saga about Apprentices of the Magi of Voluntas in the Stonehenge Tribunal and all of the sessions are on YouTube.

I wish there were more examples of play like this available.

I've greatly enjoyed (and learned a lot from) reading people's sagas, over the years.