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Dice Master Erik,

Xpofer is at the top of year five and experimenting. I need two dice roll. The first is a simple die to add to his Lab Total. He is not trying for original research just yet. It's an unnecessary roll; his Lab Total is high enough to invent the spell, but I need to experiment to get his laboratory specialization in experimentation bonus (and Inventive Genius). The second roll is on the Extraordinary Results Chart. I'd like you to make these rolls and adjudicate the results of the Extraordinary Results Chart.

The specifics, from my notes:

Year 5

Spring: Invent spell, The Debtor's Conscience, using experimentation. Creo Mentem level 30. CrMe Lab Total: Int (+4) + Cr (10) + Me (9) + minor focus (9) + Magic Theory 7 (including specialization) + Puissant Magic Theory (+2) + Aura (+3) + Inventive Genius (+6) + Creo laboratory specialization (+4) + laboratory experimentation specialization (+8) = 62 base + simple die roll w/ no risk modifier. Than a stress die roll on the Experimentation: Extraordinary Results chart.

The Debtor's Conscience
CrMe 30
Voice, Moon, Individual

The caster creates a memory in the target's mind that the target owes the caster money. While the target can't remember why she owes the caster money, she does remember the debt. An Intelligence + stress die roll of 9+ will indicate to the target that something is amiss with his memory, and if the stated amount is unrealistic, the Ease Factor is lowered to 6+. This spell doesn't force the target to "repay" the money; that must be negotiated through social interactions.

Base 5, +2 Voice, +3 Moon


The latter you start with no lab at all,just sufficient space for a lab of +2 size. I believe that this is enough space to make into both a lab and a studio if you so choose.

That looks like a fine minor virtue to me, similar in effect to auspicious shape and lesser feature

I always had envisioned a single entrance as the default set up for labs. did I miss something in a book somewhere?

yes, but you should assume that you can use a good portion of the additional income that you provide for the covenant for your own purposes.

The research rules say "something that somehow incorporates the idea" (p.26 true lineages) I do not think allowing any research at all to qualify fits with the spirit of the rules.

Ideas that would fit with affinity with magic theory might be
most intellego vim spells
spells and effects dealing with studying and learning.
I'd allow study of the the forest Shining stone (covenants p102) to provide inspiration per the rules in ancient magic
float some more "affinity with magic theory" specific ideas towards me and I'll probably OK most of them. And of course the more cool they are the more likely you are to earn the votes of your sodales.

Erik, I have a couple questions:

  1. I was starting to record with whom I was corresponding regularly, and it was getting a little long for submissions. Should we just say where the point is going?

  2. Does our instructor, that guy who can teach us military skills, speak Latin? If not, what language does he use? He can't teach us anything except his language until we speak his language.

  3. How do you want to handle searching for a familiar? I believe I already mentioned a european beaver would be cool considering my focus in Rego and secondary focus in Creo.


I'm confused. We start with no lab at all? That means two seasons to make a basic lab. That will take retooling. I am now understanding this as: "You have no lab, but have room available for a +2 Size laboratory, the maximum allowable size." Is this correct? Or is it: "You have a huge, empty space to build a lab in. Currently there is no lab. With two seasons work, you will have a Size +2 lab."

If our starting Size is 0, how do we increase the Size from 0 to +1, and then ultimately to +2? Spend a season expanding it? Do we have to worry about cost? Juggling Virtues and Flaws, I can keep the Upkeep to 0, but that doesn't account for the (imagined) number of mythic pounds it would cost to physically increase the Size. At the moment, looking through Covenants, I can't find a cost formula that states how much this costs.

If, after two season's work, we have a Size 0 lab in a Size +2 space, should we take the Empty Flaw (Covenant's, page 114)? It would seem to apply.

Sorry for all the questions, Erik.


No. I'm just being precise.

I might at least mention the name of the character that you are coresponding with. (perhaps write up a personality description for the correspondent at the bottom of you submission ). The goal of the game is to wow your fellow players I'll leave it to your sense of good taste to determine how much detail makes for the best description.

Yes he speaks latin

Assume that searching for a familiar could be done in two seasons with no special preparation at all, and a single season if you have some applicable spells/effects/ingenious schemes for searching , making contact, or traveling. Put together a description of how you located and connected with the familiar, I'd think that a short paragraph would be appropriate but the reeal point is to impress your fellow players with how much panache you can pull the job off with, so a shorter (brevity is the soul of wit) or longer description may be more appropriate.

You have space for a lab, you do need to spend the two seasons to make a basic lab. The funds for this are provided.

I had forgotten about the empty flaw when I made my example post.

Here's my new plan. You can start with a lab of any size that you wish up to +2. If you want to take the space for a size +2 lab and make it into a lab and a studio per city and guild you may (I'm not really on top of the city and guild rules so please tell me if this doesn't work for some reason).

Thanks Erik; crystal clear.
I found that starting with a Size +2 and quickly taking a minor Virtue to offset the Empty Flaw was very beneficial. The Empty Flaw, by the way, really isn't that bad (-1 Aesthetics and -1 Health)



I need two die rolls to determine the results of [i]The Debtor's Conscience[/i[. First simple, the second stress. If you don't have your books handy, I can tell you the result on the Extraordinary Results chart and let you adjudicate if necessary.

After learning the spell, Xpofer is going to spend the next season enchanting the same effect into a ring. I'll need two die rolls again (simple/stress).

Thank you.

Can I have a roll too please? I'm going to be spending a season refining my lab, and want to see if I can get it highly organised. With my int and MT, only a botch will mean I won't get it.


Why? Do you mind if I help you out?

Take the minor virtue Spacious with your starting lab. Now you have bonuses and one unused space point. You only get the Empty flaw if you have two or more unused space points, so you don't get that flaw. You could later lose Spacious when you need the space, as per the rules dead center on page 113 of Covenants.


Simple 2
Stress 7
simple 4
stress 0 botch on fourth botch die double botch on 14th botch die

the die roll is 9 enjoy your highly organized lab.

Erik, I thought of another few questions:

  1. Should I write up Castor (my beaver familiar)? Or would you rather do that? I am familiar with the rules in the Bjornaer Houses of Hermes entry.

  2. What should I do about adventure experience for the seasons spent searching for Castor?

  3. Will it also take two seasons to find an apprentice? Will you want us to write them up, or will you want to do that?

  4. What do you do with the rules in the middle of page 165 of the main rules. Technically, according to the rules you could spend each of 90 days reading a different summa each 5 days and gain 1/3 of each summa's quality to all of those 18 abilities. I expect if any of us were to try that we'd experience some divine power. :wink: In our live troupe we just changed the rounding to the other direction, which did allow splitting the seasons between two or three books, but was an easy solution to remove all the abuse available due to the rounding used in the book.


You write it up I'll approve it.

7 experience per season

lets do apprentices the same way. 1 season if you've got a clever plan or considerable magical advantages, seasons if you don't.

I'll have to look at the passage, I don't know what you're taliking about.

Thank you.

The first season of experimentation is a success, even though the stress die "7" results in "no benefit". Xpofer didn't need the simple die result to invent the spell, but had to experiment to include his laboratory specialization.

The second season, which consists of investing a similar spell into an income-generating device, Xpofer didn't need to experiment. I realized this after I sent my request but before I received your response.

So far, so good.
Erik, what is your imagined deadline for this first "competition"?


To soon to say. So far no one has posted even the first few years of their advancement. when more people get moving then I can post a deadline. right now I don't know enough to make a good suggestion. Certainly you caillin, fire monkey boy and fluffy squirrel are working but I haven't seen any results as of yet. I emailed Scott on Monday and found that he didn't know where the board was so he's a bit behind. Mark has emailed me that he has subscribed to the relevant threads but I haven't heard from him in some time.

I've gotten through about 2 and a half years so far, just waiting to see if anyone bites on the going halves for my ritual before carrying on, will give it a couple of days or so

I'm almost done with my first five years. I have a few details to finish, but the framework and a lot of the details are done.

Fluffysquirrel, I replied on the thread where you mentioned it. I thought I had the same spell as you; I didn't realize at first that yours makes 10x as much. I have the Creo vis available in Year 2.


Hi Erik, can I get a stress roll for the casting of the ritual please?