Inverted restriction on enchanted items

With the "effect use" option it's possible to restrict who can use a certain enchanted item by providing a list of "approved users" and adding 3 levels to the effect.

Is it also possible to instead provide a list of people who can't trigger the effect? If so, should it also be +3 levels? This might be a useful option in the construction of traps.

As long as the list is specific, I'd allow that in my saga.

The person would still need to activate the trigger mechanism (gesture, phrase, action, etc) and then the item knows to not affect them. By implication it sounds like your item might have a triggering action of "opening the door with the handle".

You're looking for the "If/When anyone but me touches this item, active effect".

I don't see why not.

"Anyone but me" is fairly specific.
So is "anyone without a golden ring on their 3rd finger on the left hand."

With InMe, so is "anyone who has sworn the Code of Hermes" - and conversely "Anyone who has not sworn the Code of Hermes."

Yes, but where is the limit? The device needs InMe to know you have not sword the Code, but not InCo to know about your finger?

Same as the trigger must be something physical, it specifically can't read minds by itself. Same way I believe the restriction must be dealt with. It may be RAW to restrict to a specific user or even group for that measly +3 level modifier, but isn't it pushing it?
Were things made the "correct way" I'd have required the device to include an AC to the user(s) it is restricted to.

Yeah, anything going beyond a list of specific people (requiring names, I guess?) to affect is a linked Intellego trigger RAW-wise. The only question is if this list could also be simply inverted to not trigger for certain people (for the mentioned "anyone but me (or the listed people) touches this object" effect). One example would be a rug in the entrance area of a sanctum that propels anyone but the initially named individuals back outside of the room.

Excellent Point!

Personally I like groups to be restricted to people that make an appearance in the lab during creation (not necessarily for the full season) or based on something the device has a specific effect designed to detect.

Would you accept an inversion though?
ie "This effect is activated when anyone except me touches the item?"
Ecaterina wants it I'm sure

That is a less risky way than including an AC but still explains how the device can identify users. Works for me

That should work, it is specific but does not rely on information which the device can in no way get without a suitable linked Intellego effect. Ecaterina is obviously present during creation, so the device can exclude her.