Invisibility of the Standing Wizard?

I'm curious to know if the illusion of the standing wizard (? Name) is a spell that's been brought to 5e? I think it was an effect from prior versions.

Effect was to make the casters image appear to be doing something innocuous while they cast spells with vigorous gestures.

Trying to suds the effects as:

  • Rego to make the image do something away from the body.
  • Just like Image from the Wizard Torn but without the complexity of viewing through the image.

Rego Imagonem 10 = Base 2 for a pace away from the body, +1 for an additional sense, +2 Sun, +1 Changing image.

Does that look about right?

Yes, that sounds right.

Although I will admit I tend to a more generous interpretation of spells, looking at intent, since we're dealing with guidelines.