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Update: I'm widening the time-frame in hope of catching more players - we'll set the time jointly once we have enough players, anytime from thursday evening to saturday evening (from my POV, GMT+02:00).

I am starting a virtual tabletop game of Ars Magica, and am looking for two or three more players.

The Wendish Campaign tells the tale of the covenant of Rethra in the 12th century, as winds of change blow through the lands of the pagan Wends. Christianity is on the rise, with its peaceful preachers and violent crusaders, and the primeval forests of Germany face growing mundane encroachment. Rethra, an ancient but nearly forgotten pagan temple, will play a key role in future events, and the actions of its members may determine the future course of the entire Rhine Tribunal, and shape the form of Mythic Europe.

You will play young magi joining the winter covenant of Rethra in 1140 AD. Together you will have to choose how to respond to the rising power of the Church and the impending conquest and crusades. The first story will revolve around mundane encroachment into the primeval Magical forest, and the first arc around various solutions to this issue.

The game will be played every second Friday, on 16:00* to 22:00 GMT. The first session will be on Dec 28. We will use the virtual tabletop program OpenRPG to roll dice, chat, and share a common desktop for images as needed, plus Skype to actually talk to each other.

Information on the covenant and the tribunal can be obtained on the website If you are interested in joining or have any questions, post here or on the Google Group Please read the etiquette page before you do, though, as it would probably answer technical questions.

  • Following popular demand, the time will be set only once the group is assembled. Right now, starting at 17:30 GMT appears promising.

A few more details -

I expect the adventures to mostly consist of exploration/investigation and talking/negotiation, and to include some combat (probably the climax).

We will begin with a very slow pacing, perhaps as slow as two adventures in the first season, but will settle into two seasons per adventure for the following adventures, and accelerate even further in the future. Since each adventure - except the first - would require the attention of only some magi, usually one, each magus will have years of uniterrupted study (if this is what he is interested in).

The area is rich in raw vis. The covenant starts with a fair amount, and it won't be too difficult to locate futher vis sources. I do not intend raw vis to be an issue in the campaign - it should be fairly easy to obtain whatever amount and type of raw vis your PCs will require.

The covenant is already built, and functions. I don't plan for the munadne aspects of the covenant - obtaining food and materials for the lab, disquiet amongst the covenfolk, and so on - to be an issue. Relations with the outside world, however, are non-existent, and the covenant lacks allies.

Of course, I intend to tailor the adventures and saga to the PCs. If there is anything you'd like to see regarding your PC - demonic attention, faerie courts, lots of physical action, whatever - I'll make every effort to provide.

Update: I'm widening the time-frame in hope of catching more players - we'll set the time jointly once we have enough players, anytime from thursday evening to saturday evening (from my POV, GMT+02:00).


One of the things that I've noticed about your rules is that while they diminish the power of Hermetic Magic, all power is not diminished equally. Some characters become more efficient compared to others. Is this by design?

These magi become better:

Anyone who relies on LLSM or Life Boost
Anyone who relies on a large Magic Theory
Anyone who relies on large static bonuses (Potent Magic, Special Circumstances, Cyclic Magic, talisman F&E)
Ceremonial Magicians
Merinita who initiate charm magic virtues
Anyone who uses Quiet and Subtle Magic (avoiding +15 is so much harder to come by)

Verditius Magi are the big winners, relative to other characters. They like a big Magic Theory, which they use to also grab Form and Effect Bonuses. They add a craft score and, iirc, have ways to add Philosophiae. They can initiate virtues which further improve this (add Form and Effect of casting tools to formulaic magic, even spontaneous magic with the right flaw).

Is this intentional?




I like that circumstantial bonuses and virtues - like Cyclic Magic, a talisman, numerology, and so on - are increased in potency. It gives players greater motivation to initiate or use them, which I think generally adds color and distinctiveness to their magic.

The increased potency of LLSM or Life Boost, and Quiet/Subtle magic, Verditius magi, and so on are less intentional, but I hope they'll turn out OK in play. The increased potency of ceremonial/ritual magic will, I hope, lead to magi often knowing a thing or two about philosophy and artes liberales, which I don't think would be a bad way to go, although I didn't really think about it until now. Note I did limit the penetration of magic items, so Verditius will have some problem making weapons of war.

Of course, no one becomes better, only better in comparison. All magi's power is diminished.

The setting is interesting. It's a pity I don't like net games. :laughing:

Just some thoughts:
Magi are not supposed to overbear supernatural beings with spells. This includes their sodales. Penetration is low compared to the higher level parmas. I think this is good because the smaller beings have some importance, too. Life boost is a must for battle-magi. They are the only who are able to penetrate similar powered beings.

Cooperating magi are able to live a long life like vanilla magi. Others die early. Cooperation means here 4-5 lab assistants when making elixirs.
Yes, talismans are very important providing huge bonuses compared to their skills.
Your players will not ruin your saga with countless mind reading effect.
However it may be harder to find reasons why the companions assist the magi.

Good point you thought on third rank books like cooking, hunting and spell mastery. Cool!
I've found the covenant library quite weak. 100 books for a winter covenant? Hm. I suppose they should have 300 or more books. And 3-4 times as many spells they currently have. Or were the books lend and didn't get back? :wink:
Structure of Magic? :smiley: The author should be rather Grinder Bandlerus ex domo Tytalus. :smiley:

Have a good saga!

An expert in longevity rituals can still produce a potion strong enough to suffice for magi to pass into Twilight instead of dying of old age. I checked. Cooperation is, of course, another possibility.

Hmph, we'll see about that. Players are sneaky bastards...

They are still wizards, it still works. At least I think it will. We'll see.

Well, it's a good library in that it covers lots of subjects reasonable well. However, the covenant has "Hidden Resources" that include more works; the listed items are essentially only the books/spells available to neophyte magi.

:slight_smile: I might do that.
[Although it took Google to understand the reference...]

Thanks, I hope to. :slight_smile:

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