Ioannes Eirenikos

This character is approved and may join the tribunal in progress- I will determine later which magi are going to be bidding on apprentices...

For easy reference the current wiki page for Ioannes:

Silveroak the Atlantian Magic is no core part of my character so I have no problem in replacing it should you prefer so.

It's fine- I am working on the assumption that it comes from an ability that Poseidon is drawing from Oceanus...

1200 Tribunal 8 exp spend on OoH Lore 4 exp and Classical Greek 4 exp

seasons after tribunal selection:
taught magic theory (SQ:13)
train magic theory (SQ:6)
train magic theory (SQ:6)
train magic theory (SQ:6)
taught Ancient Greek (SQ:13)
train Ancient Greek (SQ:8)
train Ancient Greek (SQ:8)
train Ancient Greek (SQ:8)
taught Ancient Greek (SQ:13)
lab (MuAq)

Any faerie warping over this years?
Train = exposure? (at last the exp from the language looks like exposure)

Training is a different way to teach. The master can do his own work while training one student but the source quality is The level of the ability being trained + 3 but he is not receiving your help in the lab. It’s described in the core book right before the rules for teaching.

Added all seasons except the last as this 2exp need the most work ;).
Because to my calculation I end up having Classical Greek, I assume you mean this language as Ancient Greek is not listed in, at 74 I wonder if during lab work seasons I also can spend 1 exp of the 2 toward the language.

yes you may, since magical text work in Thebes is done in ancient Greek (and yes I mean ancient by classical)

for the 2 season exposure I used
Gift Opening Vim 1 exp Classic Greek 1 exp
MuAq lab Mu 1 exp Aq 1 exp

Suggestion for the Flaw change

Major General Frail (App 12) becomes minor as the errata says
Minor Hermetic Bound Magic (HoH:TL 108) replaced with Major Hermetic Necessary Condition (ArM 56) Paint with a imaginary brush on a imaginary canvas

I think its greatly thematic for the character

those changes work specifically, is the character ready to be double checked for the edits?

Just made the edit. Wanted to be sure if the Paint with a imaginary brush on a imaginary canvas was ok before edit.

beside I left one minor virtue unused to be a hermetic virtue given at a later point during apprentice time. (current 10pt. flaw but only 9pt. virtue)

Rules-wise you should probably just make that an inherited virtue per Apprentices (book) or a Childhood virtue that he grows out of, at which point you say "Ionnes grew out of virtue x, what should replace it?" and Silveroak will assign something.

If Silveroak has your parens teach or initiate a virtue it does not have to be balanced by a flaw (unless gained from teaching process or initiation ordeal, aka due to narrative positioning). Though I have not seen much use of the Hermetic Virtue training rules in this game so far with either of my apprentices but my Merinita apprentice has already been initiated into Charm Magic.

Urks me bad realized I only have 9 Virtue because of the minor limit. Removed the Non Combat Personality flaw and Personality and added Friendly as personality trait at lvl 2 to get Flaws and Virtues even. Probably made this mistake during the initial creation already as I extrem rare go with just 9 virtue. (think this is the 2nd time and the 2nd time I did still add 1pt flaws to much thanks to this :hot_face:)

there is a limit on minor flaw, not minor virtues

I think I have a nice idea for a Lesser Benediction using Araquiel's Legacy (AM 67) as benchmark.
Lesser Benediction Poseidons Vis:
You may use Rego, Aquam and Auram vis interchangeably but in doing so it becomes faerie vis. Also you can ignore Rego, Aquam or Auram requisits for any spell that uses another of this arts.

I personal think this Virtue as written fit Faerie better then Divine even with Divine be omnipotent. If your against this because a research project is needed to unlock the benchmarked virtue or think it is difficult to adjust for your game then I go with Puissant Faerie Magic.
(I would add the Noncombat flaw back for this virtue)

pretty much anything in ancient magic is not available to a starting character- these are inspirational suggestions, not actual canon, for things that can be researched by exploring systems with no living practitioners.

Ok then I made the still needed changes (ocean to sea, + Puissant Faerie Magic + Noncombatant).

I just thought the Virtue would be good faerie scheme for the faerie to claim vis and use their glamor to make the ritual effect that would use the vis. At last from how I understand the Vis chapter of RoP:F are faerie want normal vis and already use glamor when abstract vis is used to get spells / rituals "working".