Ionas of Thebes

Ionas is approved, and brought before the tribunal to be selected for apprenticeship

Tx. I assume you make a post to describe his arrival.

I am going to assume that one of the magi he came with was relatively helpful and gave him a briefing about the tribunal and the apprenticeship. He is still ignorant, but with the briefing I can give him some hooks to make the RP a little more varied and constructive.

It turns out your parens has lost her own ability to do magic, and is hoping to give her life meaning by teaching- something that was not mentioned at the tribunal. She is also a member of the cult of Orpheus, and your sanguine humor's blessing combines with your diabolic past to give you a bonus of +3 when dealing with demons or infernal forces. You can also use yourself as an arcane connection for casting on members of the cult you escaped.
season's activity:
taught magic theory (SQ:16)
taught ancient Greek (SQ:16)
taught ancient Greek (SQ:16)
taught ancient Greek (SQ:16)
taught ancient Greek (SQ:16)
taught magic theory (SQ:16)
taught Artes Liberales (SQ:16)
taught Intelligo (SQ:16)
taught mentem (SQ:16)
taught Creo (SQ:16)

the last part is especially appropriate- if you somehow lose your diabolic past story flaw (as in it stops haunting you, etc.) you lose the ability to perform magic. Given your false gift this is probably a given anyways, but...

Do the SQs include benefits from Ionas' virtues?

they do not