Is Defending Mundane Society a Breach of the Code?

Pretty simple question. I've got an idea for "blue-booking" a game based on some of the plots from a cute online single-player RPG called Adventure Quest. The main plotline(s) I'd be taking from that are the ones about, if you've played the game, Visia the Shaper and the Mutant King. Long power-explanation short, Visia is a sorceress with the ability to turn the mundane and magical (and Faerie, in ArM5 terms, though faeries are simply grouped with magic creatures in Adventure Quest) fauna into stronger, larger/scarier, smarter, and more aggressive versions of themselves without actually changing their core abilities. The Mutant King is some creature (I'll probably make him Infernal) with kinda-sorta similar abilities but who tends to change their pre-existing traits very little in favor of granting them entirely new abilities.

They are, of course, going to oppose the Order of Hermes, so I could engage the player-equivalent magi with them even if they decide not to help medieval society. However, I'm planning on them also bringing destruction upon the mundane fiefs of Europe, as they're the conquering types of beings.

Given that the player-equivalent magi will probably be pretty nice people (forgive them, they're young) and towns are great sources of necessary covenant supplies, they'd probably be interested in protecting nearby settlements from aggressive Magic and Faerie creatures. But would this be problematic with those interested in upholding the Code? Would this draw an unhealthy amount of mundane attention, or would there be no problem as long as the magi don't, say, sell them magic items? Would it be too dangerous fighting off a mutated Faerie who might turn its attention to your sodales in vengeance? Might any other problems with the Code arise? The player-equivalent magi might get involved anyway, but I want to be sure about how the Code treats this as that will affect the nature of "assistance" stories.

Defending mundane society is not a breach of the code per se. Defending it from a faerie, however, may count as molestation of the faeries (on the other hand, read the very first piece of introductory fiction in the ArM5 corebook). Defending it from a magical creature is ok as long as by doing it you do not endanger the Order (which is always bad, no matter how you do it).

The code says:
"I shall not interfere with mundanes"
"I shall not brazenly and pompously flash magic around willy nilly around mundanes."

Detonate a hermetic nuclear weapon to stop the monster. As long as the town, it's incomes and it's people aren't affected by more than a cool light show, most tribunals would be hard pressed to complain. Well, to charge you. They will complain anyway, as it's elder magi :stuck_out_tongue: