Is flash of the scarlet flames (CrIg15) resisted by Parma?

My question is pretty much what title says. It seems that it is not, but I am new and not so sure.


The light is directly created by a spell, it's entirely magical, and thus resisted by Parma. In canon, I recall a magus, Ranulf, in MoH with a Creo Ignem 15 spell (coincidentally!) that makes blinding light emanate from him, and it explicitly mentions he can tell whose Magic Resistance he has failed to penetrate because the light fails to illuminate them.

I've always assumed its not blocked due to being aimed and the like? also raises what is 'to bright an image and thus blocked by parma' when we start dealing with illusions instead? ^^ magicaly created fire emits heat, but the sounds of burning and the light itself are natural? ...i feel a wormcan on its way :stuck_out_tongue:

Flash of the Scarlet Flames is not aimed, though.

Conceivably, even Aimed spells could be resisted: a magus creates a bunch of Sun Duration boulders, then uses one of the Vilano family-type spells, which are aimed, to pelt a rival diabolist and her pet dragon with these stones, the end result being that these aimed boulders would be potentially blocked by spell resistance.

The game specifically points out that creo imaginem spells create magical images which produce non-magical species. Yes it is a potential can of worms but it isn't an unknown one.

So the question here is...

Does the spell creates a focus of light that is magical but that emanates normal species (and hence the resistance roll) or does it creates magical light that is magical in every respect (and thus resisted)?

Is this like imaginem spells?

The second, the imaginem deal is clearly an exception.

Things like the species that come off of imaginem spells include footprints left by conjured animals, markings drawn on the ground with conjured sticks, and cuts made by conjured swords.

Notice also how the Phantasmal Fire spell in the corebook (CrIm 20), which creates a fire that illuminates, requires an Ig requisite for the light. Presumably this light is created from form Ignem and is the sort of magical creation that is resisted. I don't think it's possible to create a blinding flash of light using only non-resisted imaginem.

A magically created blinding flash of light is resisted by Parma. Note that this is different from an illusion of a fire (without an Ignem requisite); the latter is perceived "through" Parma, but cannot blind - just as it cannot burn.

An interesting follow-up question would then be: what if the only source of illumination in a room were magical - would a magus protected by Parma be effectively blind, since species are carried by light? The answer is no. Species are carried by light, and light is blocked by Parma ... but not before bringing species in contact with the magus' sensory organs (his eyes), the result being analogous to that of magically propelled non-magical water, that still gets the magus wet even if it strikes him forcelessly.

Great example, thanks, I will present it to the troops =)