Is it just me, or has the forum been laggy lately?


Like the subject says. Pages here have been loading verrrrry slllloowwwly for the past week or so.



Not just you. For me it's been well over a week, closer to 2 or 3 weeks. Pages beyond the primary forum page take me several minutes to load at best. It's been nearly unbearable.

For me it has been since Feb 24th. At first I thought it was a slow connection at the hospital, but when I got home the problem persisted.

It has been bad for me for a while too.

I've had issues with speed as well. I've had to re-log in manually quite frequently over the same time period as well.

I observe, that for many weeks now the forum takes some 30 to 50 seconds to react to a request: once it responds, it sends its data quickly.

Was it moved to a server performing other tasks most of the time?


Horribly laggy, and has been logging me off after each visit. No idea about why.

At 30 seconds a page, it is extremely laggy. I fear this is having a bad effect on the play-by-post games on this forum.

It has been laggy for me for quite a period yes. It’s a real disincentive to interaction.

I sent an email to the forum help address over a week ago about the issue, but haven't heard anything back. I've had occasional problems in the past with my emails not getting through spam filters, so might be worth someone else having a go?

My anti-virus program is now stopping me with a warning when I try to log back in after being logged out.

at times, the forum become very laggy. It isn't all pages in all time. I don't know why but I feel that when I open multiple threads and it is effectively laggy... i can come back 5' after because there won't be anything open before :confused:

For me it's pretty consistently lags of about 30 seconds for all but entry and login page. That's for all topics and threads, all the time... Pretty bad.

Did anyone try this?

Hi, did the same, wrote to the forum help address.
(Had another issue in that I was unable to login successfully despite multiple attempts from laptop, tablet, and phone, and mentioned the lag as well.)
No response to date, but at least the login issue seems to be resolved!

I am in contact with the webmaster. Didn't yield a result yet.

I was curious so tried this: = 2.6s from Germany
then =2.3 = 1.5 from London.

I don't know why, but it seems it's the server side which is slow.

And the entry page isn't even the problem...

I imagine there is a database problem (missing index, or something) or a general hardware problem...