is there a way for a magical creature into an aegis?

Do you know a way to get a creature with magical might 15 into an "aegis of the hearth" of level 25? The creature is only a tool of a fairly mighty wizard, so additional magical help is possible.


What kind of creature? That information would help.

However: Either A) it was within the aegis to start with, or B) Work out how your aegis works. Can it be got underneath?

Interesting question. Here are some ideas:

  • Increase the creature's Might. There's no specific Hermetic guideline for this, but there are hints that RAW would be favorable to such a suggestion:
    [*]Perdo Vim spells can reduce a target's Might, so it stands to reason that Creo Vim spells could increase a target's Might (while the spell was in effect, even without vis).
  • On page 157: "The guidelines below refer mainly to spells. This is for the sake of brevity, as Vim spells can affect ... magical creatures...."
  • The Muto Vim guidelines talk about using Creo to create more magical energy. (In fact, given that Muto Vim can add one magnitude to a spell ("significant change") or two magnitudes ("total change"), I might rule that Muto Vim can add 5 Might points to a magical creature ("significant change") or 10 Might points ("total change"). But that's not enough for your situation, barely.)

Using the Perdo Vim guideline as a guide, one could postulate a general Creo Vim spell Influx of Magic Might (Touch, Concentration, Individual) that increased the Might of its target (assuming the target has a Magic Might score) be the level of the spell. Even a Creo Vim casting total of 27 would be enough in this case: use a level 11 Influx of Magic Might and get 16 Penetration to affect the Might-15 creature, boosting its might to 26 as long as the maga concentrates. (Seems a bit low, though....)[/:m]
]Use Rego Vim to suppress the Aegis long enough to get the creature inside; see the last general guideline. Or use Muto Vim to lessen it by two magnitudes ("total change"). Of course the maga could simply dispel the Aegis completely using Perdo Vim. Could a container be enchanted with a Rego (or Perdo) Vim constant effect that nullified all magic inside (Box of Mundane Silence)?[/:m]
]Get someone who participated in the Aegis's casting to give the creature a casting token! (Rego Mentem, anyone? or just plain old Intrigue) Story possibilities abound....[/*:m][/list:u]
As for getting in under the Aegis: even if the Aegis stops at the ground, I think it would form a barrier to entry there just as it does at the usual boundary (that is, you could burrow right up to it, but no farther). It brings up an interesting point though: what about coming in from the air? Assuming that doesn't work, where does the barrier take effect? Is an Aegis dome shaped, spherical, cylindrical...?

My point exactly. You need to know how wards like aegis work (shape, size, effect, etc) to plan this, and what abilities said creature has anyway. If it's a shapechanger, it might be able to trick it's way in...

Of course, the traditional method would be by deception., but here are a few possibilities.

An agent inside the covenant could steal an invitation token.

An agent inside the covenant could disrupt / interfere with the casting of the ritual for sufficient time for the creature to get in and do what it needs to.

The creature could disguise itself as a redcap or friendly magical creature

The beasty could seduce on of the mages and thereby get invited

A freak experience could temporarily dispell / weaken the Aegis, Easter Sunday for example everyone takes a hit

A regio may exist both within and without the aegis

A hedge tradition may have the secrets of opening such a portal for a period.

Hopefully that is enough to be getting on with. Not all of these ideas work exactly as described and require a bit more work to prevent the aegis from pushing the creature out once it is inside; but it is a place to start. As I say, deception would be the normal method.

I am pretty sure though, this being a ritual, if a hermetic magus 'dispelled' an aegis of another wizard that would qualify for'depriving a magus of his magic' on account of the vis wasted. No to mention the danger it represents to the magi of that covenant when all manner of demons and fey folk can just wander in and steal their riches at will. High crime - cost... Hoplites knocking on your door intending to bring you 'to justice'.

these are awesome ideas :slight_smile:

Now my understanding is that mere possession of a casting token doesn't allow entrance; it has to have been given by a person participating in the Aegis ritual with their actual intention to invite the creature in. (I'm basing this on the fact that any Aegis participant can simply mentally revoke the invitation intention, without even getting the casting token back, and the creature is then affected by the Aegis again.) Of course if you have such a qualified and willing agent, there's no problem to begin with....

Nice. And also the casting of the Aegis takes some amount of time, at least an hour I suppose - and the previous Aegis ends when the sun says so, not when the magi start re-casting - so there might be quite a window of opportunity once a year.

Hell yeah. This would be the unsubtle approach. "I fulfilled your challenge, sodalis, of getting my magical pet bunny onto the Castle Aaaaaaaargh covenant grounds: I simply dispelled its Aegis, razed the entire area with my trusty Hollywoodesque Big Rock from the Sky spell, and let Crusher hop right in."

ConJour the mystic tunnel (I think it's called). Research a variant of that, have some way of getting an arcane connection to the target. Open a tunnel that a magic creature can pass through. No need for a hedge tradition if you've got the right kind of creature.

How about entering at midwinter - during the renewing of the aegis?
The aegis weakens, and the beastie gets in.

As for the agent using a stolen token; this works if he is part of the covenant - at least most coventants have the entire population participate in the aegis casting...

The magical pet bunny "Crusher"... :mrgreen:

  1. Kill the animal
  2. ground it
  3. put it in a jar
  4. carry it in
  5. bring back the animal (CrAn lvl75 or 80; see spell guidelines, p. 116)

not the easiest way - but stylish! :mrgreen: