Is warding a minor focus?

After all it's only part of ReVi but it's also there in Aquam, Terram etc.

Ahhh... Wards, an eternal subject of debate. I am inclined to accept it as a minor focus, but I guess I would also let it somewhat depend on how the troupe house rules some of the ambiguties of wards (how do they function exactly, do they have to penetrate, and what of Circle/Ring wards, etc?) or viceversa. Otherwise wards could become incredibly overpowering.

I'm having trouble finding the relevant quote ,
but all spells need to penetrate , even if not explicitly stated.

Thats one of the points of the endless debate...

Oh? Does Aegis of the Hearth need to penetrate?

And so the debate goes round and round, round and round, round and round...

"Erecting Wards" seems somewhat less limited than, say, "Healing" - but not overly so. I think I'd allow it as a Minor Focus, even though it is a powerful one (I could be convinced it's a Major one too).

Not just "Wards" though. That's also PeVi, InVi, lots of Vi. Even just "Erecting Wards" is touchy, "Wards" really pushes it.

Yes , all spells need to penetrate magic resistance.
Just ask the Line Editor.
You need not take the word of a lowly Ex Miscellanea Hedge Wizard. :mrgreen:

:narrows eyes threatningly: Are you calling me a hedge wizard ?!

Seriously, I'm in the camp that the RAW says Wards need to penetrate, that not requiring wards to penetrate isn't too bad, and that it would probably be best if the RAW were somewhere in the middle on this somehow. IMS, wards need to penetrate. The Aegis does not.

Nope , that would be me being the Hedge Wizard.

I agree that "wards" is a minor focus. Powerful or not, it is limited in scope. "Instant death spells" is likewise a minor focus. :smiling_imp:

And better be a Hedge Wizard than a Ditch Wizard.

Good thing i took Greater Immunity (Death). :stuck_out_tongue:

Which is why some Flambeau have taken to learn ans spell master the Enigma's Gift... If you cannot kill it my apprentice, you can always just nuke it out of existence...

Is that the boot camp? :laughing:

Well - I did not intend to relight the ward discussions, just to say that there is significantly detail in that regard that differ greatly from troupe to troupe, and my consideration of the focus of wards would depend on these details.

BTW - I am in te penetration camp too (did that just come out wrong? :blush: )! But I do distinguish between personal wards and circle/rings ward in favour of letting the last be more powerful (simply bc I like the idea of it).

And here I was taking you to be a bunny Wizard, Fruny!

Us Bunnies are just as fond of hedgies as of hedges. That said, if you can't tell the difference between a ditch and a warren, you deserve to be flogged with fresh nettles.

Yummi - can we make an arrangement right away? :laughing:

And I can btw - tell the difference - a warren agrees much better with a Flambeau Ignem spell then a simple ditch!

Confirmation: "wards" are officially a minor focus. See HoH:Mystery Cults, page 14, among the initiations of clan Sirnas.