Issues at Grand Tribunals?

But conversely, it would mean a flow of money and prestige to Constatinople.
Surely, some Jerbiton would see it as a way to restore Constantinople?

Constantinople is much more "out of their yard" than Venice is though. Yes, Venice is very close to Histria/Shrouded Bay, but Constantinople is within the gate to the Black Sea, 3 days by ship (at best!) from Tablinum. And where Shrouded Bay is designed to work well with mundanes (indeed perhaps to take advantage of their proximity), Tablinum isn't!
From a pure security PoV, I'd expect the Tremere to resist such an idea. It potentially endangers Tablinum, as well as drawing more traffic to the Black Sea, where HoH: TL tell us they have their hidden naval bases.


I would think that in any given situation you will find Tytalus on both sides, unless they can find more sides to be on.


"The Tytalis want it because it is fraught with potential for conflict between the Greek and Latin speaking parts of the Irder and it doesn't damage their games in Normandy."

Currently playing a Tytalus, who works from the third side in most conflicts. As the greatest actor of all Tytalus roles, Clint Eastwood, in a Fistful of Dollars, taught, there are three sides to every conflict. There are the "good guys," the "bad guys," and the self interested guy willing to take both sides money/cause chaos. If you don't believe he was a Tytalus, watch all of the Spaghetti Westerns. Anyway, he would probably "help" the expanding mages from the Roman Tribunal, while spying for the Jerbitons, and being paid by the Tremere. Just my 2p.

Sure. While nbot part of any canon I recall, I'm sure some magi of that very uncoordinated house could and would see it that way.
The Venetians orchestrated the invasion, and actively helped the "Frankish "invaders - I believe the term commonly used in TSE is - win the conflict.
Yes, the old Empire is no more, but what now? If they can see past the nefarious deeds of the Venetians, the magi Jerbiton might actually view the Venetians as more civilized than the Franks. Being more merchants than military they would surely bring wealth and influence to the city, and sponsor artists and works of art. And that sounds to me like something Jerbiton could work with. They don't have to love the new Venetian overlords as much as the old Empire, as long as they just loathe them less than the Franks. Also, rather than fighting the inveitable tides of change, they could make the best of things and work to preserve as much of the old culture as possible.