Item effects and modifiers vs Warping

Hi All,
something which came up in our group last month was at what level magic item effects warp people.

If I have a device with a CrMe 25 Weight of a Thousand Hells with no penetration and 1 use per day it does not cause warping when it affects someone.

However, if I use the Enchanted Device rules and add modifiers such as unlimited uses per day (+10) does it now cause warping?

The overall effect level is 35, but the actual magical effect is only 25.

If it doesn't (as uses is a device thingy, not the spell itself), does adding 20 Penetration (costs +10 levels) make it warp?

I thought it would, as it is the overall modified score which represents the power being used.

I think that the consensus is that the effect needs to be 30th level, and that levels and magnitudes necessary to put it into the device from things like uses per day or penetration do not cause the effect to warp.

That is what Jonathan must be refering to. The consensus is that Penetration and other effect modifications have no impact on the casted spell magnitude.

Legends of Hermes p.112

As Erik said.

Correction to an earlier post: the cut-off is level 26, not level 30. Level 25 and lower are not powerful while level 26 and higher are powerful.