Item for moderation - Verditius crossbow

Verditius crossbow
Description: based on a cho-ko-nu or repeating crossbow in use in china, this is a verditius enchanted variant made entirely of steel, including the bowstring (a braided set of harp strings is used, as this provides the string with sufficient strength to withstand the rate of fire. Note that the cho-ko-nu could fire a bolt a second easily, and that this device reloads automatically.)

Effect process... 3»2»1»4

effect 1 cock bow
rete P/M/Part
Base 2 +1 metal +1 part
+3 linked trigger
+10 unlimited uses

Effect 2 test is bow cocked
Inte P/M/Part
Base 2 +1part
+3 linked trigger
+10 unlimited uses

Effect 3 is trigger pulled
Inte P/Sun/Part
Base 2 +1 part +2 sun
+3 environmental trigger
+1 2 uses per day

Effect 4 load bow
Rete Touch/Mom/Ind
Base 4 +1 metal +1 touch
+3 linked trigger
+10 unlimited uses per day.

Vis cost=21 terram or vim.