Item of invisibility and its wearer

It is possible to create an item of invisibility (wearer able to walk without stop the effect) with range Personal or with this Range the item is invisible but not its wearer? If it is possible I have to lower the Range because I am very limited in Pe/Im and I need to create this item in a single Season.

I think you can turn both you and the item invisible at Personal range if it's a talisman. Otherwise, I'm afraid only a Touch range is required.

Serf parma, though.

don't forget you could also reduce the lifespan of the device or make it charged. Consider also using MuIm to reduce your image, or make it appear to be something else-- a tree, a bush, a stone, or an animal. Or ReIm to have it shifted, but still visible; that might give you enough distance to keep it effective, it depends on the situation.

Art Scores might help us help you. :wink:


Let's see. A PeIm lab total of 15 is enough to make a single-use, concentration duration/touch range/invisibility-with-movement charged item. With experimentation, and perhaps some overtime in the lab, that's within reach for any but the most PeIm-crippled magus. (Of course, deficient form Im + deficient technique Pe would make even this a major undertaking)

MuIm (Look! I'm a cat!) and PeIg (darkness) could work in some cases...