Items of Quality and Verditius

Hi all

I have an items of quality query.

If a verditius magus with items of quality were to create a hammer of quality and an anvil of quality. Could he add the bonuses from both to his craft rolls when doing something blacksmithy?

And yes, neither item appears in the shape and material lists but I think we can assume at least a +3 bonus to work metal for an anvil and maybe a +2 bonus for the same for a forge hammer.

On an expanded vein, as long as it were natural to use more than one tool at once, could tools of quality stack?

I would say yes and a Hammer is a +3 to build things. I think it is listed as a small hammer in the S&M

I suggest creating the items as a set to make them stack and them keeping everything limited to the Magic Theory score when created.