Its the dratted Verditius chapter again...

I've been re-re-re-reading the Verditius chapter of HoH:MC again.

Has anyone got any idea how multicasting enchanted casting tools would couple with spell mastery?

ie, Mastery 2 (multicast/penetration) and +10 multicast from ECT.
would that give you 1(base) + 10 (ECT),+2 (spell mastery) = 13 castings?
or would it be
(1(base) +2 (spell mastery) )* 10 (ECT) = 30 castings?

I'm kind of hoping its just the 13, as 30 is a tad munchkin even for my group.


Oh, and I promise to play something from a different house next time!



13 would be my call. Honestly, though, given the way the system works, put it to a vote in your troupe. See if they think 30 is overpowered :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I'd caught that way back on my first read-through. I'd figured 13 would be the answer as anything else would just feel wrong.


We never had a Verditius initiating this Virtue, but a cursory examination when HoH:MC came out made us agree that it would either be 13 or 11 (i.e. with the Casting Tools bonus replacing the analogous effect of spell mastery altogether). Game balance pushed us towards the second interpretation, strict reading of the rules probably towards the former. 30 was always out of the question.

This line of thought appears familiar.