japenese teeth?

not sure how you might make an adventure out of this,but here goes,in meadeival japan women blackened there teeth to look pretty.

Yes, pretty common knowledge. It was mostly the nobles that did this and not only the women. But not really worthy of an adventure in itself, no. Perhaps as flavour text or a small twist added somewhere.

Plus, you would probably have to be in Mythic Japan.

Been there, done that. ... got my poor Tytalos cut open like a fish. (( Gm put our covenat based on a ship into the Shogun / Tai-Pan books for a setting. Pretty intresting really. ))

Great story actually...

Give directions to the nearest drug store...Oh, sorry, try alchemist....

You know what a toothbrush is?

  1. Trade in your Arm5 books (if any), for Legend of the 5 Rings books.

  2. Register on their forums.

  3. Ask them.

Or you wait until ARM5 lauch the black teeth saga sourcebook.



or Trade in your Legend of the 5 Rings books (if any) for Arm5 books... :laughing:



a spell that I just thought up along the lines of this thread-blacken the tooth of man
requisites-mutocorpus 5
target-teeth of person you ar looking at
effect-this spell blackens the teeth of the person you are looking at
not sure hwo you might use this spell(maybe as a anoyin nuisense to people)but,I thought it was an interesting spell all the same.
ptoential item to go with this spell-dentures of tooth blackening-requisite-see spell immediatlly above.
that combined with the appropriate descize would help in the orient.

I'm glad to see valid range/duration for this one, but...

I'm not sure muto corpus is the best fit...go look at immaginum
target should be part, but we knew what you ment
the level is deffinatly off...sight is +3, moon is +3, part is +1, so your at level 15 before you even get to your base effect

Plus a lot of people didn't have all/most/any of their teeth during this time (no toothbrushes)...your spell would have limited effectiveness.

Suggestion: Design a spell that tracks down Summae. You could use a picture posted on the website as an Arcane Connection. You could then track down a copy of AM5, and design your spells with all the nifty information in there. I don't have a book handy right now, but perhaps someone would help you with the guidelines for that spell.

many premodern soceties had/have toothbrushed - just not colgate :laughing: - but using various other means of cleaning the teeth.

Also, the notion of teeth deteriorating if not brushed doesnt even always apply. In the world of plenty we live in - and were even poverty often is not lack of nutrition but malnutrition (which might include loads of sugar) - lack of a toothbrush might lead to damaged teeth, but that doesnt go for societies of less plenty, and less sugar in particular.

Indeed. Oral hygiene in the mediaeval period was not nearly as bad as popular rumour would lead us to believe. With regard to the Middle East, there are even stories of the Prophet Muhammad brushing his teeth in the 7th century. He's said to have used a "miswaq," which was a brush made from a twig. See the following:

irfi.org/articles/articles_2 ... botany.htm

They're still used today.