Jaufres of Bentalone

for discussion and development of the character

I started drafting a proposal for advancement (as I think you saw) @Plot_Device, based on the specialists available to serve as trainers. Do you have other suggestions?

In 1200, Francis is available to teach Latin and Artes Liberales, but we have eight seasons to cover before then.

I'm good with it except SW instead of GW. Is there a rationale for GW that beats enchanted shields?

Who teaches or trains single weapon?

Miguela Potente.

Very well. I was not aware of her. I have revised. Missing two seasons. Possibly Latin by practice.

@silveroak Teaching a language (say Latin) without a second shared language (or languages as remote as langue d'oc and langue d'oi), how much Latin must the student know in advance, in order to benefit from teaching?

minimum effective shared language is 3.