I've been rereading Blood and Sand and have a question.

What happens if you compel a Jinn to complete a task, but it isn't able to?

Does it just not do it?

Does it suffer some sort of bane?

What happens when a Jinn agrees/ is compelled to complete a task and can't?

Salve Sodalis,

Good question, and one that I didn't answer in the book (and probably should have). I would say it depends on how cruel your storyguide is feeling. Perhaps the jinn would just grumpily tell you that such a task is beyond its abilities. On the other hand, a crueller storyguide could rule that asking a jinn to accomplish a task that it cannot do results in the jinn shaking off any further compulsion and being free to attack its master.

I hope this helps.

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Yeah, it helps a lot! Now my plan comes together! Beware Kryslin Beware! :wink: